Universal - Jan 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"Mazel ___!" TOV
"___ is me!" WOE
1040 preparer, for short CPA
2016 NCAA women's basketball champs UCONN
A/C cooling agent FREON
Abner's partner of old radio LUM
Actively working ONDUTY
Antiquated OLD
Atrocities EVILS
Baked chip type PITA
Beehive State athletes UTES
Birth announcement start ITSA
Burst of electricity SURGE
California's state tree REDWOOD
Chatty pet MYNA
Cleared the chalkboard ERASED
Countrylike RUSTIC
Deep, dark hole ABYSS
Dentist's request SPIT
Destroy an invasive bamboo crop? RAZECANE
Ernie of golf ELS
Eyeglasses, informally SPECS
Fishing pier figure ANGLER
Five o'clock shadow STUBBLE
Form of public worship LITURGY
Give a nickname to DUB
Hampton and Red Roof INNS
Hankering YEN
Hatcher or Garr TERI
Holder of wedding memories ALBUM
Home field TURF
In vogue STYLISH
Israeli submachine gun UZI
It's been shortening since 1911 CRISCO
Jump-starting org. for entrepreneurs SBA
Labor day offering? EPIDURAL
Lacrosse score GOAL
Clues Answers
Landlady's favorite musical? RENT
Late senator John McCain, e.g ARIZONAN
Livestock stalls STABLES
Look after SEETO
Many shelter animals STRAYS
Noah's ark, to a pair of wildebeests? GNUSCRUISE
Novelist Capote TRUMAN
Obsessed with video games, say NERDY
On cloud ___ NINE
Panoramas VISTAS
Parents' lay-down-the-law words ISAYSO
Political debate topics ISSUES
Professor's job protection TENURE
Profit-driven "Star Trek" race FERENGI
Prohibit FORBID
Prolonged applause, usually OVATION
Shape of Ford's logo OVAL
Sign at a health supplement store? BUYTHEWHEY
Sky blue, to Brigitte AZUR
Space that might contain a kegerator MANCAVE
SSNs, e.g IDS
Sticklers PURISTS
Stitch used when knitting a baby sweater? MINIPURL
Storage story ATTIC
Surfer's requirement?: Abbr ISP
Swishing part of a rodeo ride? ABRONCSTAIL
Telepathy initials ESP
Tennis judge's shout LET
Tightly strung TAUT
Toe problems CORNS
Travel by bike CYCLE
Trick-taking card game EUCHRE
Turn from sin REPENT
Wriggly swimmers EELS
WWII battle zone ETO
WWII female WAAC
___ Arbor, Michigan ANN