The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1264

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Clues Answers
A version of Yellow Brick Road? primrose path
Appreciates what landlady provides? DIGS
Asp, foals, bees involved in these old animal tales aesops fables
Band of elite British soldiers descending on hotel SASH
Beaten again, or directed down a different path REROUTED
Catch girl with Oscar LASSO
Dance that we often show to each partner, first of all two-step
Declared Authorised Version was inaccurate AVERRED
Embarrassed, being compared to one easily led? SHEEPISH
Employs magic arranging sporting events olympic games
Fool first to help ASSIST
I re-select cop for training for shadowy force secret police
Clues Answers
Inadequate study: half of type’s missed SCANTY
Leftover items MD doesn’t put right ODDMENTS
Light itch lasting twenty-four hours DAYLONG
Most senior of the French embraced by English lieutenant ELDEST
Name in India originally for railway stations? TERMINI
One small picture’s recalled old Roman general SCIPIO
Outcast Felix eventually shows up EXILE
Poem’s written about racecourse EPSOM
Rag Moses transformed into fine material GOSSAMER
Returned nearly half of fiction in one’s genre sci-fi
Some forgot totally German’s name? OTTO
Tart, small, for us SOUR