The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,944 - Jan 10 2019

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Clues Answers
... bust of Nietzsche's Trampedach! CHEST
Absurd when one is followed by quite a few more ASININE
Apparent poverty traps OVERT
Attractive area -- extremely quiet London region APPEALING
Banking controller one suffering at work AILERON
City diary ends in unforgettable poem ECLOGUE
Cleaner has mop, shuffling round SHAMPOO
Composer admitting small sin to French king ROSSINI
Creature's terrible noise round a lake SEALION
Delay prisoner, holding up prison sentence? TIMELAG
Dull film with cute alien in coppice THICKET
Evil daughter has come in sozzled DEMONIC
Force prisoners to exercise CONSTRAIN
Fur essential covering chest over MUSKRAT
Hidden clue here will be ... CRYPTIC
I love wearing stupid expression IDIOM
Clues Answers
Is obliged to interrupt gym period PHASE
Marsupial has big problem crossing river OPOSSUM
Mild mid-evening in days before Easter LENIENT
Painter needs to chat girl up RAPHAEL
Physicist caught following criminal raid DIRAC
Rep tensed, relaxed, delivered pitch? PRESENTED
Republican worried about man shot again? RETAKEN
Resin down there in pouch SHELLAC
Rock on radio for immature six-footer? LARVA
Spectacle taking long time in food store PAGEANTRY
Strong flavour before wrapping in citrus fruit TANGERINE
Sullen, low and deplorably gutless MOODY
This weave includes leaning lines primarily TWILL
Understaffed editor dispensed with rapid writing SHORTHAND
Vibration from terrible snore can start to echo RESONANCE
Why lovers love scientific discipline? CHEMISTRY