The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,943 - Jan 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Angry leaver may sup hot port LEHAVRE
Bird causing Hemingway perhaps to lose way ERNE
Bureaucrat will be protected by them -- and a ringleader MANDARIN
Company staff needed to do auctions on behalf of church SALESFORCE
Cooked lamb, say, will be awful ABYSMAL
Did the dishes, exhausted WASHEDUP
Drake, for example, taking 50 from River Plate, perversely PRIVATEER
Excellent answer after lifting diamond, say MEGA
Former morning paper EXAM
Goodbyes as sexy regularly producing such a journey ODYSSEY
Looters stumble on the way up, drinking beer PILLAGERS
Makers of shorts may be quiet during bumpy rides DISTILLERS
May must accept European sovereignty, being blue CERULEAN
Nation occupying borders of huge sandy bay UGANDA
Nude lying in grass must be rejected REBUFFED
Clues Answers
Nudes frolicking in a river -- separately ASUNDER
Ox boxed in by prize bull ZEBU
Promised to be busy ENGAGED
Put phone down on copper needing time away CUTOFF
Service odds good after performing? EVENSONG
Skill of journalists covering centre of town PROWESS
Sports people streak excitedly across at last SKATERS
Stoppage pays for work on the land STANDSTILL
Sudden influx of popular crowd having missed the start INRUSH
Understand origin of revolutionary straw material SEERSUCKER
Upset, cancelled dispatch, ignoring son OFFEND
Various items from right-wingers on newspaper SUNDRIES
View offered by soldiers in Hispanic republic PANORAMA
Weapon's journey north in case of target TRIDENT
Withdrew accountant involved in new tender RECANTED