USA Today - Mar 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'Follow me!' CMON
'Lenore' poet POE
'Pudge' Rodriguez in Cooperstown IVAN
'Spamalot' writer Idle ERIC
'The loneliest number' ONE
'Vamoose!' SCAT
72, at Augusta National PAR
About 2.2 pounds, briefly KILO
Act the toady GROVEL
All Hallows' ___ EVE
Assent from the flock AMEN
Badlands formation MESA
Be a fink RAT
Be nuts about ADORE
Big name in grape juice WELCH
Burl who sang of Frosty IVES
Carolyn ___ (Nancy Drew series pen name) KEENE
Counterfeiters' foes, briefly TMEN
Create like 25-Down PAINT
Diviner's device ROD
Down in the dumps GLUM
Father's nickname POPS
Fish in melts TUNA
Fling with force HURL
Follow the rules OBEY
Fred Astaire's dancing sister ADELE
French-speaking African nation GABON
Gestation place, euphemistically OVEN
Gilbert & Sullivan genre COMICOPERA
Gill opening SLIT
Go sprawling TRIP
Grapefruit chunk SECTION
Hardly rosy-cheeked ASHEN
Has yet to settle OWES
Hippy dance HULA
Hit lots of homers SLUG
Home to wading birds MARSH
Hot Wheels collectible MODELCAR
Judge Judy's garb ROBE
Clues Answers
Lode deposit ORE
Lyft competitor UBER
Many a JV player SOPH
Mark over a short vowel BREVE
Meal with a Haggadah reading SEDER
Modernist Chagall MARC
More socially inept NERDIER
Muralist married to Frida Kahlo DIEGORIVERA
Nowhere near AFAR
Numbered Chopin work OPUS
Official with a stopwatch TIMER
Online photo-printing service SNAPFISH
Pajama halves TOPS
Paper towel layer PLY
Patronize Alamo or Dollar RENT
Police officer's high-tech wear BODYCAMERA
Prefix with bond or Disney EURO
Pseudo-cultured ARTSY
Rob of 'Code Black' LOWE
Rubbernecked, e.g STAREDAT
Rummy cakes BABAS
Sagan of 'Cosmos' CARL
Sets as a price ASKS
Shortly, to a bard ANON
Shows shock, in a way GASPS
Singer with the 1986 No. 1 hit 'Glory of Love' PETERCETERA
Skype appointment, say EDATE
Sophia of 'Two Women' LOREN
Source of tar PINE
Special Forces headgear BERET
Speed dial button, e.g PRESET
Spray graffiti on, say MAR
Story with a moral PARABLE
Trifecta and superfecta BETS
Trousers, informally BRITCHES
Want in the worst way COVET
Witch's male counterpart WARLOCK
___ cannon (sci-fi weapon) ION
___ fail (disaster) EPIC