Universal - Jan 8 2019

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Clues Answers
"Amazing Grace" ending ISEE
"Garfield" dog ODIE
"Humbug!" lead-in BAH
"Not to mention ..." ALSO
'60s protest SITIN
A chip, maybe ANTE
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Accustom INURE
Acid in proteins AMINO
Al dente FIRM
Amigo PAL
Angry reaction RISE
Artist's stand EASEL
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Balderdash TRIPE
Bismarck-to-Minneapolis dir ESE
Cartridge contents TONER
Cartridge contents INK
City voting districts WARDS
Deception LIE
Did a model's job POSED
Do some sums ADD
Egyptian goddess whose name consists of the same verb twice ISIS
End of the quip LIKEPONDS
Flipper FIN
Flowering vine with a rich scent WISTERIA
Formally surrender CEDE
Hardships RIGORS
Heavy safari animal, informally RHINO
Ile de la Cite's river SEINE
In a way SORTOF
In a way, casually KINDA
Italian dish that takes a long time to cook RISOTTO
Jimmy ___ shoes CHOO
Kenyan tribesman MASAI
Kind of mark left by a tire SKID
Like the "-" end of a battery: Abbr NEG
Clues Answers
Longtime shock jock Don IMUS
Loosened, as a knot UNDID
Methuselah's old man ENOCH
More tranquil SEDATER
Olympic legend Jesse OWENS
Opposite of urban RURAL
Part three of the quip DRAGONFLIES
Part two of the quip LIKEANARROW
Permits to enter America USVISAS
Place to sip a hot drink alfresco TEAGARDEN
Popular cookies in a refreshing variety MINTOREOS
Roswell crash victim, supposedly ALIEN
Sacha Baron Cohen title character ALIG
Savory taste UMAMI
Secluded valleys GLENS
Sedona automaker KIA
See 41-Across MIC
Seize illegally USURP
Sense of ___ (date's asset) HUMOR
Singer DiFranco ANI
Skin soothers LOTIONS
Software manuals are written for them ENDUSERS
Start of a quip TIMEFLIES
Sweater style with a letter-shaped cut VNECK
Sycophant SUCKUP
Tail motion WAG
Talking points? ROSTRA
The Amish, e.g SECT
The whole shebang ALL
Tone up GETFIT
Two queens, say PAIR
Valuable violin, for short STRAD
Vampires' marks BITES
Violin opening FHOLE
Who can be found in the Waldorf Astoria? WALDO
With 11-Down, night for amateur comics OPEN