USA Today - Feb 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Come on in!' WELCOME
'Criminal Minds' org FBI
'That's a shame!' AWGEE
'The Raven' maiden LENORE
1984 Prince hit PURPLERAIN
Accomplish, with 'off' PULL
Act the coquette TEASE
Additive sold at NAPA STP
Alternative energy type SOLAR
Alternatives to Reeboks NIKES
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Aswan Dam's river NILE
Audit pros CPAS
Bagel choice SESAME
Be adjacent to ABUT
Beat by one run, say EDGE
Bhutan's locale ASIA
Brachiating beast APE
Bummed out BLUE
Complain, complain, complain CARP
Court postponement STAY
Diver's position PIKE
Electric bill unit KILOWATT
Enjoyed a boardwalk STROLLED
Felt awful about RUED
Female led by a border collie EWE
Fills to the gills SATES
Flies off the shelves SELLSBIG
Food processor accessory BLADE
Freezer bag feature SEAL
Game akin to Crazy Eights UNO
Garnishes for gimlets LIMES
Genie's offering WISH
Gets the gist of SEES
Gives the once-over to EYES
Hackman of 'The Firm' GENE
Hieroglyphics reptile ASP
Highlander's family CLAN
Invoice phrase BALANCEDUE
Clues Answers
James of 'Elf' CAAN
Kazan with an honorary Oscar ELIA
Lang of Smallville LANA
Large-beaked parrot MACAW
Left the sack AROSE
Like Felix, but not Oscar NEAT
Like strip steak, typically LEAN
Lower in esteem ABASE
Make less stringent EASE
Marsh vegetation REEDS
McEntire with a sitcom REBA
Medical drama locales, briefly ERS
Misanthrope's emotion HATE
Name on a check PAYEE
Not hunched over ERECT
Openings for utility workers MANHOLES
Pancakes on brunch menus CREPES
Passed, as a bad check KITED
Penny-pinching MEAN
Picked from a lineup, briefly IDED
Pre-snap meeting HUDDLE
Radio switch letters AMFM
Reddish-brown shade RUST
Rosary unit BEAD
San Antonio shrine ALAMO
Small bouquet POSY
Soap operas, essentially SAGAS
Some toothpastes GELS
Sound system component TUNER
Sun blocker, of sorts WINDOWBLIND
Tablet with a touch screen IPAD
Tell it like it isn't LIE
Think-tank nugget IDEA
Tot's taboo NONO
Traditional Lent production PASSIONPLAY
Unlike Lady Godiva CLAD
Vehicle preceding bike racers LEADCAR
Weather report features MAPS
Wide assortment ARRAY