The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 8 2019

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Clues Answers
A very quiet ramble daughter agreed to APPROVED
Accident CHANCE
Accumulate AMASS
Ancient garment TOGA
Appraise SURVEY
Arm of the Mediterranean ADRIATIC
Break in card game SNAP
Bridge SPAN
Circumvent EVADE
Continue the amusing film series carry on
Crack SNAP
Creature producing noise around a lake sea lion
Cricket ball DELIVERY
Delete ERASE
Different churches seizing an opportunity CHANCE
Dreadful AWESOME
Drive out BANISH
Duration of Christmas pantomime SPAN
Eastern man climbing to escape EVADE
Fancy silver found in one mine IMAGINE
Food store really wants consignment DELIVERY
Frenchman in dire need RENE
Fuss carry on
Genuine bona fide
Clues Answers
Good man in shortage made home NESTED
Keep embracing European in lift HEAVE
Like matryoshka dolls NESTED
Longest UK river SEVERN
Magritte, painter RENE
Marine mammal sea lion
Motor-racing obstacle CHICANE
New chance to go round one bend in track CHICANE
Official ID PAPERS
Old Victor in Lincoln and beyond ABOVE
Overhead ABOVE
Put pressure on the media PRESS
Real female identity in Beano possibly? bona fide
Remove monarch on stormy sea ERASE
River always between Poles SEVERN
Sanctioned APPROVED
Some Cuban is happy in exile BANISH
Sons without power or patron SPONSOR
Store in Alabama's shut AMASS
To Greeks at first a Roman habit TOGA
Triad warring with CIA in the sea ADRIATIC
US backed very strange view SURVEY
Visualise IMAGINE
Wonderful meow as feline finally moves AWESOME
Zappa personally holds documents PAPERS