The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,941 - Jan 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Autocratic leader runs into considerable trouble BIGBROTHER
Bank calling me away TIER
Book is on units of heredity GENESIS
Club member in register managed to get one inside ROTARIAN
Conservative blocking amendment causes heated dispute ALTERCATION
Foremost of directors study fear DREAD
Heartless guy, pinching bottom, makes one cross GRUMPY
In serious difficulty contending with Italian UPAGAINSTIT
Leading parade miles away ARCH
Like people's first charter? PLEASE
Make a face? Brit, grotesquely FABRICATE
Not a bona fide competitor in the arms race? GUNRUNNER
Opposed to substantial houses ANTI
Powerful state embracing the Spanish song HOTELCALIFORNIA
Clues Answers
Praise article on socially acceptable male drug LAUDANUM
Problem children matter ISSUE
Remain involved in Hitchcock film MARNIE
Reportedly purchase extra BYE
Resigns from partnerships in writing STANDSDOWN
Ruined, stained across front of pants SPOILED
Sent a Defoe novel, and one by Steinbeck EASTOFEDEN
Show disapproval about Northern Ireland bishop's mock title HISNIBS
Small notice over head brings sorrow SADNESS
Star on the rocks? Not quite SUN
Stop row involving Greek character DETAIN
Take this to heed short message NOTE
We, in refurbished snack bar, reply impertinently ANSWERBACK
What one must do with litter to redeem a bad situation? PICKUPTHEPIECES