USA Today - Feb 18 2019

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Clues Answers
$100 bill, slangily BENJAMIN
'Aladdin' prince ALI
'Count on it!' SURE
'For starters . . .' FIRST
Accepted truth AXIOM
Adorns with raised text EMBOSSES
Airbnb payments RENTS
Be too curious PRY
Besides the usual ELSE
Betsy in American history ROSS
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Child's phrase of request CANI
Clear sky's color AZURE
Common clock-in hour NINE
Concise in speech TERSE
Continuous change FLUX
Cork removal sound POP
Crafted a manuscript WROTE
Dairy farm sound MOO
Disney's 'Let It Go' singer ELSA
Dizzy Gillespie genre BOP
Dressmaker's bolt CLOTH
Gallant mount STEED
Gate-crashing devices RAMS
Gave a new handle to RENAMED
Go globetrotting ROAM
Goblet part RIM
Gossip column couples ITEMS
Got from the grapevine HEARD
Grinch's expression SCOWL
Happy hour venues BARS
Hard to find RARE
Isn't straight LIES
Junk mail addressee RESIDENT
Like a glowing candle LIT
Lob's path ARC
Main electricity controller MASTERSWITCH
Marine ecosystem REEF
Ms. Durbeyfield of fiction TESS
Clues Answers
Multimillionaire lost on the Titanic ASTOR
Narrow-minded sort BIGOT
Not subject to, as jury duty EXEMPT
Not traitorous LOYAL
Oft-invited celebs ALISTERS
On the button APROPOS
Oz scarecrow's innards STRAW
Place for a wallet, perhaps BREASTPOCKET
Playful bite NIP
Politician's core supporters BASE
Pre-deal payment ANTE
Publisher portrayed by Welles KANE
Puente of Latin music TITO
Qatari title EMIR
Remove lather from RINSE
Rickman of Harry Potter movies ALAN
Rudolph's prominence NOSE
Scrubland blaze BRUSHFIRE
Share a perspective AGREE
Snake eyes pair ONES
Sub captain of fiction NEMO
Sunbathers' goals TANS
Tea brand once owned by Starbucks TAZO
Texter's bosom bud BFF
They're built for plays SETS
Train track securers SPIKES
Turnpike sign EXIT
Under any conditions EVER
Unlikely, as chances SLIM
Vital team member KEYPLAYER
Waiting for a pitch ATBAT
Where bachelorhood ends ALTAR
Word before bar or stool PIANO
Work like a dog SLAVE
Xperia smartphone maker SONY
Yang's counterpart YIN
Young batter's aid TEE
___ Cuervo tequila JOSE