- Jun 27 2009

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Clues Answers
''Ah!'' ISEE
''Count me out'' IMNOTINTERESTED
''Go for it!'' LETERRIP
''Green Mansions'' hero ABEL
''Groenlandia'', e.g. ISLA
''Seven Pillars of Wisdom'' autobiographer LAWRENCE
''Sputnik'' booster ICBM
'90s adventure game MYST
Apple variety JONATHAN
Capitol competitor ARISTA
Colon follower: Abbr. MIN
Coloring TINCT
Dedicated ARDENT
End of an era? ONEBC
Examined intently PEERED
Ford feature, often OATER
Fretboard adornment INLAY
Get behind OWE
Great times EONS
Irises may grow there UVEA
It may be used for shortening CRISCO
Its days are numbered PLANNER
Light sketch ANECDOTE
Like most skateboard parks RAMPED
Like some pasta TRICOLOR
Major bummers COMEDOWNS
Most Azerbaijanis SHIA
Mus. work ARR
Mythical brute ORC
Name associated with Little Boy ENOLA
Onetime film critic for ''The Nation'' AGEE
Clues Answers
Opened LED
Parts of some rings SPIES
Plankton component ALGA
Popular side SLAW
Rackets ADOS
Rosemary Harris' Tony play THELIONINWINTER
Sallies RAIDS
Salome portrayer of 1918 BARA
Sci. society INST
Scratch DINERO
Set activity SHOOTING
Skimmer relative TERN
Sole treatment FOOTBATH
Some dark-room equipment MOVIEPROJECTORS
Some troublemakers IMPS
Spoils HAUL
Sportswear brand FILA
Spread out FLARED
Sticker BUR
Sticker, briefly HYPO
Stuck one's neck out CHANCEDIT
Thick-skinned one RHINO
Throw off SPEW
Took under consideration LOOKEDAT
Toque sporter CHEF
Trailer segment SCENE
Transitional time CUSP
Uncultured one CLOD
Willamette Valley city EUGENE
Winter air NOEL
Workshop heads PEENS
__ top HALTER