New York Times - Jun 27 2009

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Clues Answers
'Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Diiie' poet ANGELOU
'Proceed slowly' LENTO
'Pushing Daisies' star ___ Pace LEE
Actress co-starring in TV's 'Burn Notice' GLESS
Actress Scala GIA
Agent of change REVISER
Author of 'Time's Arrow,' 1991, a novel written in reverse chronological order AMIS
Auto finish? CRAT
BBC's Sports Personality of the Century ALI
Birthplace of poet Paul Verlaine METZ
Black-throated ___ (Asian bird) TIT
Bottom of the sea? HULL
Budgetary bigwig, for short CFO
Cocktails lacking hard liquor SPRITZERS
Contents of a certain household box CATLITTER
Cut up, with 'around' HORSED
Defibrillator user, for short EMT
Delta, for one: Abbr. LTR
Drink whose name suggests its vitamin content HIC
Excite, with 'up' AMP
Freeze ICEUP
French bread BRIOCHE
Genealogical discovery ANCESTOR
Henchmen LACKEYS
Hero of 'Boyz N the Hood' TRE
Influential 1996 video game TOMBRAIDER
Is in Athens? IOTAS
It begins with an E (in two ways) EYECHART
Movie critics, sometimes RAVERS
Multipart art MOSAICS
Clues Answers
Mumble after a fumble OOPS
Oil source SHALE
Outmoded preposition ERE
Post ___ (after-the-fact) HOC
Quebec's Festival d'___ ETE
Rappers' wrappers DORAGS
Receiver of some contributions ROTHIRA
Relates to TELLS
RICO Act enforcer FBI
Rock samples DEMOTAPES
Rub together GNASH
Salad ingredient REDPEPPER
Sch. founded by a president UVA
Some pellets SLEET
Spring's opposite NEAP
Start of a confession BLESSMEFATHER
Talk to two 2-Down, say MEDIATE
They have connections KIN
They're observed in the evening VESPERS
They're often playing at home STEREOS
They're opposed ENEMIES
Throws up LOFTS
Uncomfortable ILLATEASE
Uncomfortable, in a way SELFCONSCIOUS
Waitstaff SERVERS
Water bearers PIPES
Word that first appears in Matthew 1:1 CHRIST
Year that Acre fell in the First Crusade MCIV
Yellow squares, often POSTITS
You could stand to lose it LAP
___ Minh HOCHI
___ psychology POP