Wall Street Journal - Jan 2 2019 - Put a Lid on It!

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Clues Answers
'Ah, right' ISEE
'Do you really mean it?' HONEST
*Begin to grin CRACKASMILE
*Item used in some juvenile pranks STINKBOMB
*Pretentious display FUSSANDFEATHERS
*Reasons for some R ratings SEXSCENES
*Sleep restlessly TOSSANDTURN
24-Down center COB
Arcing throw LOB
Away from the bow AFT
Basilica recess APSE
Bested at the plate OUTHIT
Bit of paint DAB
Bok ___ (Chinese cabbage) CHOY
Bring in EARN
Carnival treats ICES
Cash source ATM
Catches in warm seas TUNAS
Chance to swing ATBAT
Choir section ALTOS
Clockwork, essentially GEARS
Comic book worker INKER
Computer port standard USB
Critics' coverage ARTS
Defamatory writing LIBEL
Ear pieces? CORN
Early auto REO
Flat cap TAM
Frankincense or myrrh RESIN
Gave the once-over EYED
Golf's 'Big Easy' ELS
Got together METUP
Hedgehog home DEN
Help desk sign ASKME
Hold responsible BLAME
Indisposed ILL
Island nation northwest of Tonga FIJI
It may be crushing DEBT
Jackie O's husband ARI
Clues Answers
Less expressive STONIER
Letter six after nu TAU
Letter six before nu ETA
Life force, in feng shui CHI
Lucy of 'Elementary' LIU
Made sound HEALED
Many a time OFT
Medieval church hanging ROOD
Mess up ERR
Monopolize one's mind OBSESS
Nest egg choice IRA
Operatic villain, frequently BASSO
Paragon of pomposity ASS
Parisian street RUE
Part of Mao's name TSE
Pesci's 'My Cousin Vinny' co-star TOMEI
Polite words of interruption EXCUSEME
Potato part SKIN
Precisely ONTHEDOT
Rough guess STAB
RR stops STAS
Scoring point after point ONFIRE
Sister of Anastasia OLGA
Some pass receivers ENDS
Stable staple OAT
Stock mkt. debut IPO
Supporting arguments PROS
Tech introduction of August 1981 IBMPC
Threads in beds, informally JAMMIES
Top-notch ACES
Toward midnight, say LATISH
Unrestrained way to run AMOK
Untrustworthy sort LIAR
Urban fleet CABS
Waist management program DIET
What you will ESTATE
Word that, when affixed to the first word of each starred answer, refers to a type of person POT
Words on a candy heart BEMINE