The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,936 - Jan 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A little Latin, or second language of old NORSE
A river still spectacular ARRESTING
Almost everything confiscated by officer, it is mine COALPIT
Attack creatures of the night from below STAB
Breakfast show broadcast? CEREAL
Business done, upset TURNOVER
Cleaning product put off man DETERGENT
Complex 'neath southern capital city ATHENS
Cook in a large African ALGERIAN
Dark-haired beast about to score BRUNETTE
Discussed place in church for convert ALTER
Disease affecting dog hair good in cat hair, perhaps MANGE
Flies daring to tuck into cabbage and broccoli etc GREENBOTTLES
Fruit no crossword setter likes, initially sent over LEMON
Game of chance allowed to get in the way ROULETTE
Clues Answers
Inspector very sour for a change SURVEYOR
Large bird once confused with seal CONSIDERABLE
Last of sugar in a possible sweet ADORABLE
Looking back, quote work in verse POETIC
Nick parties, going regularly PRISON
One of the first leaves piglet ate, poisonous TITLEPAGE
Painter -- very important person inspires one TITIAN
Popular viewpoint, for example INSTANCE
Principally sensational, except when dull SUNLESS
Red first CARDINAL
Revealing study, Tory gutted SCANTY
Sprinter's beginning to catch dawdler SNAIL
Start knotting giant ties INSTIGATE
Text without padding encapsulating insignificant message TWEET
Utter brilliance from Bolshoi Ballet, all concluding EMIT