Family Time - Dec 30 2018

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Clues Answers
"... for a ___ pittance" MERE
"A mouse!" EEK
Adult tadpole TOAD
Affectionate greeting HUG
An untruth LIE
Atlas part MAP
Bear's home LAIR
Bendy exercise YOGA
Bering Sea bird AUK
Bounces a toe to music TAPS
Break, as a horse TAME
Buck in the woods STAG
Burial chamber TOMB
Butterfly-catching device NET
Catch rays BASK
Chemical used in building materials FORMALDEHYDE
Collector's collection, perhaps ART
Current emotional state MOOD
Defeat by a hair EDGE
Dennis the Menace is one BRAT
Dyeing method BATIK
Emanating glow AURA
Fierce anger IRE
Forced indoctrination BRAINWASHING
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Hair application GEL
Have a pickle EAT
Land measurement unit ACRE
Less wet DRIER
Like the "hand" of a magician? SLEIGHT
Make mistakes ERR
Mean look SCOWL
Noah's ship ARK
Clues Answers
Non-pedigree dog CUR
Not pro ANTI
Omelet ingredient EGG
Pair of dice halved? DIE
Papa DAD
Pigskin holder TEE
Planet No. 3 EARTH
Prefix with trooper PARA
Recede to the sea EBB
Rock in mine walls ORE
Sailors sail there SEA
Sewing machine operator? TREADLE
Short joke GAG
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sight the target AIM
Skater's figure? EIGHT
Slant or prejudice BIAS
Snake that does math? ADDER
Someone similar to you PEER
State absolutely AVER
Thing lying outside the shower (2 words) BATHMAT
Thing on a burned coal ASH
Thing to teach a dog to do BEG
Thing washed daily FACE
Title for scientific Mr. Newton SIR
Track shape, often OVAL
Unknown quote source, for short ANON
Unpleasant destiny DOOM
Vermont syrup stuff SAP
Very excited AGOG
Wise guys? MAGI
Young goat KID