Wall Street Journal - Dec 29 2018 - Later!

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Clues Answers
'Better Call Saul' network AMC
'Dig in!' EAT
'East of Eden' twin CAL
'Hell is other people' writer SARTRE
'Star Wars' setting FARFARAWAY
'___ been swell!' ITS
2017 Heart of Dallas Bowl champions UTAHUTES
7 Up rival SPRITE
Abused opioid, for short OXY
Alley with a war hammer OOP
Art class subject likely to fall off the platform? UNWARYMODEL
Athens aperitif OUZO
Authentic TRUE
Barbarous bunch SADISTS
Bits of hay and straw? BARNFLAKES
Bleu blazes? CHEESEFIRES
Blows off steam RANTS
Bowlerama features LANES
Bright terrace SUNDECK
By title only INNAME
C.S. Lewis's Mr. Tumnus, e.g FAUN
Capone chaser NESS
Cardiff crab's grabber? PINCEROFWALES
Case for a dermatologist ACNE
Chill (out) VEG
Classic words of disbelief ETTU
Club charge COVER
Collar NAB
Collector of flat fees LESSOR
Confession catalog SINS
Cookie cooks? DISCBAKERS
Corp. bigwig PRES
Deceitful doings FAKERY
Discrimination-fighting org NAACP
Dodge RUSE
Downright daft digit? LUNATICFINGER
Except for SAVE
Extent SCOPE
Extra action SIDEBET
Firmly decided DEADSET
Fit together snugly NEST
Fly catcher WEB
Founder of the Shakers ANNLEE
Free of wrinkles, maybe IRONED
Get to REACH
Gives the boot OUSTS
Group checking prerelease scuba equipment for problems? TESTDIVERS
Guitar basics CHORDS
Gutter spots EAVES
Hades, e.g GOD
He takes a lot of interest in his work USURER
High points APEXES
In support of FOR
Indian honorific SRI
It's on the fast track ACELA
Jim who won gold in the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Olympics THORPE
Legal matter RES
Like about 23% of the 2019 Congress FEMALE
Like sorted socks PAIRED
Lobster pick target CLAW
Lot buy SEDAN
Clues Answers
Low-level clouds STRATI
Made like a fan ROOTED
Makes sound CURES
Making out in the mall, say, for short PDA
Member of the genus Vespa HORNET
Merle Haggard's 'I ___ Beautiful Time' HADA
Migraine sensations AURAE
Mike of the Buccaneers EVANS
Mineral suffix ITE
Mini marchers ANTS
Monks' wear COWLS
Nation on the Red Sea ERITREA
Neighbor of Provo OREM
Numbers with no imaginary part REALS
Oxfam, e.g.: Abbr NGO
Pack of plotters CABAL
Park activity BIKING
Patisserie enticement AROMA
Place to receive guests PARLOR
Places for posters FORUMS
Play with a plectrum STRUM
Player's payment ANTE
Poke fun at TEASE
Polo alternative TEE
Power sources MOTORS
Prepare for the fair FATTEN
Prepare to sail UPANCHOR
Previously AGO
Prime number factor ONE
Prospect VISTA
Radii partners ULNAE
Ready for the cobbler CORED
Recycling candidate SODACAN
Retrovirus component RNA
Rural ringers COWBELLS
Saints coach Payton SEAN
Scatterbrain DITZ
Sch. orgs PTAS
Shoulder adornments EPAULETS
Showed up CAME
Sighed cry ALAS
Sign on the back ENDORSE
Site of Ephesus and Colophon IONIA
Some unlucky bears RUGS
Spaghetti ___ carbonara ALLA
Spiny-crested pet IGUANA
Splinter group SECT
Spread, as a yoga mat UNROLL
Starts disrobing, perhaps UNBELTS
Still having a chance to win ALIVE
Street ___ (rep) CRED
Strenuous exertion EFFORT
Supergirl's alias KARA
Talks nonsense JIVES
Temporarily suspended ONICE
Tempter of tars SIREN
They were formed by glaciers FJORDS
Transpiration opening PORE
Tree whose tannins are used for morocco leather SUMAC
Two of the Gooding family CUBAS
Untroubled SERENE
Violinist Mischa ELMAN
Weighing device in a brewery? LAGERSCALE
White wader EGRET
Wimpy sort WUSS
Woman of the House PELOSI