The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1253

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Clues Answers
Arab I once treated not in need of oxygen ANAEROBIC
Bid a lot for smashing newspaper TABLOID
Chess player’s bishop something that’s missing BLACK
Cutting tool bends with a weight BOWSAW
Dance said to be Disney’s? WALTZ
Falls here again, backing the Gunners NIAGARA
Fan tended, outrageously, to get accused DEFENDANT
First rate drink, with ’yssop, for example SUPERB
From Crimea, an extraordinary Statesman AMERICAN
Generous portion of grub I got BIG
Girl is in France: a religious celebration FIESTA
Networks when busy regularly dropping out WEBS
Old heavyweight champion’s performing for girl ALISON
Clues Answers
Pale, having very little energy WHITE
Placed in an impossible position? NOWHERE
Platform to adorn DECK
Political party’s room for experiment LAB
Prepare reworking of end of Renaissance tragedy get ready
Tips for writer from Northern Ireland, medical graduate NIBS
Tree starts to blossom, and our bushes are blooming! BAOBAB
Trouble had arisen, leading to bloomer DAHLIA
Very little time to exploit computer accessory MOUSE
Violently crazy fool grabbing Serb briefly BERSERK
Visibly embarrassed, passionately kisses country cousins? REDNECKS
What’s often traditional filling for pizza just returned JAZZ
What’s transformed Flo’s lawn? SNOWFALL