The Chronicle of Higher Education - Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
'And, ___ am with you always ...' (Matthew 28:20) LOI
'Bohemian Rhapsody' star Malek RAMI
'Foucault's Pendulum' author ECO
'Have You ___ Seen the Rain?' (double-platinum single for Creedence Clearwater Revival) EVER
'King James,' e.g CAV
'___ be my pleasure!' ITD
A little wine to start? OENO
Acapulco gold ORO
Adroit leader? MAL
Belieber's genre TEENPOP
Break the seal on, in a way CUTOPEN
Chevy that did, in fact, 'go' NOVA
Chewy fruit DATES
Christens NAMES
Come across as SEEM
Commercial ending for Cray- or Motor OLA
Connection point for a jumper cable ANODE
Course listing MENU
Creator of the 'Planet Money' podcast NPR
Currency whose digital 'paper trail' is a notorious guzzler of electricity BITCOIN
Dangerous home seepage RADON
Disavow DENY
ER staff, in part RNS
Executed to perfection NAILED
Fair or foul: Abbr ADJ
Field of green LEA
Flag down HAIL
Foot, relative to a yard ONETHIRD
Gets in return, as benefits REAPS
God, in the Torah ADONAI
Golf-pencil holder, maybe EAR
Good snorkeling locale REEF
Ill-fated whaling ship that inspired 'Moby-Dick' ESSEX
Italian landmark that blows ETNA
Its products often have Allen wrenches included IKEA
Jolt dispenser TASER
Knocks RAPS
League for the L.A. Sparks WNBA
Clues Answers
Low-risk govt. investment TBOND
Major component of Mr. Clean AMMONIA
Many a Monopoly card DEED
Mardi Gras, e.g.: Abbr TUE
Michael Phelps supply SPEEDOS
Mythos LORE
On the line ATSTAKE
Part of ISBN or IBM: Abbr INTL
Physicist associated with sonic booms MACH
Play halter, often WHISTLE
Power brought to bear by the highest-ranking crew member? CAPTAINSLOG
Process leaving blissful remainders? JOYDIVISION
Relationship between online followers and actual loyalty? SOCIALFUNCTION
San Francisco daily since 1865 EXAMINER
Satisfied sigh AAH
Scholastic yardstick, briefly GPA
Set of principles CODE
Sharp in the nostrils ACRID
Small body of medical research NANOBOT
Some edible ribbons PASTA
Sometimes-inadmissible evidence HEARSAY
Speak from a soapbox ORATE
Sprouted GREW
Squealer RAT
Star of 12 Down, e.g IDOL
Support in skullduggery ABET
The most commonly occurring monster? BEASTMODE
The Times Square Ball drops on it: Abbr EST
Thing that most convinces you to get a product? DECIDINGFACTOR
Thumbs-up YES
Totally committed ALLIN
Underground org. in N.Y.C MTA
What Homer called 'rosy-fingered' DAWN
Wilbur's owner in 'Charlotte's Web' FERN
Zoë of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' SALDANA
___ Brickowski ('The Lego Movie' protagonist) EMMET
___ Miss (school in Oxford) OLE
___ Pince (Hogwarts librarian) IRMA