USA Today - Feb 7 2019

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Clues Answers
'Another Day' musical RENT
'Full' or 'half' hold NELSON
'Ray Donovan' channel, for short SHO
'Sk8er Boi' singer Lavigne AVRIL
'Wine' not made from fruit SAKE
'You called?' YES
'___ you serious?' ARE
42-Across filler, perhaps OIL
Aquarium beauty TETRA
Aries or Taurus STARSIGN
As far as UPTO
Battle of Midway fighter JAPANESEZERO
Battle of Shiloh side SOUTH
Big name in escalators OTIS
Bread served with vindaloo NAN
Bruins' org NHL
Cabo's peninsula BAJA
Cash on the Ginza YEN
Casino patron's mecca RENO
Cause of a response STIMULUS
Clearasil target, informally ZIT
Clumsy, slow-witted sort OAF
Comics shriek EEK
Convertible, e.g AUTO
Crystal ball user SEER
D-Day beach OMAHA
Dressing server CRUET
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Enzyme that curdles milk RENNIN
Eyes up and down OGLES
Feeling the effects of anesthesia, say WOOZY
Fit-to-be-tied feeling IRE
Fossilized find BONE
Gear holder KITBAG
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Gym rat's counts REPS
Haight-Ashbury event of 1967 SUMMEROFLOVE
Hardly 37-Across DRAB
Hardly suitable INAPT
Clues Answers
Hart's mate HIND
Home to pyramids EGYPT
Humming with activity ABUZZ
It may be offhand or pointed REMARK
Kitty builder ANTE
Lambert who sings with Queen ADAM
Last line of many addresses CITYSTATEANDZIP
Last word of the Bible AMEN
Like Elton John's outfits GAUDY
Long March leader of China MAO
Madam's mate SIR
Make amends ATONE
Many an insurance-fraud crime ARSON
Mecca native SAUDI
Metaphorical 'sticking' place CRAW
More hopeless DIRER
Most merciless CRUELEST
Numero ___ (first-rate) UNO
Pizza slice edges, essentially RADII
Place to snorkel SHOAL
Play the first card LEAD
Played really poorly STUNK
Prepared for a dubbing KNELT
Ride a boogie board, say SURF
Romaine lettuce salad CAESAR
Rumble seat's spot REAR
Runs off, as with stolen money ABSCONDS
Scout leader's group DEN
Seventeen-syllable verse HAIKU
Sound system component TUNER
Super Bowl highlights, for many ADS
Teetotalers' orders SODAS
Tiny amount TAD
Umps' counterparts REFS
Vessel for pairs ARK
Where Rambo served, for short NAM
Witch, stereotypically HAG
___ projection (out-of-body experience) ASTRAL