Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'Born in the —' USA
'Gosh!' GEE
'Homeland' org CIA
'La Mer' composer DEBUSSY
4, on a phone GHI
A Gershwin brother IRA
Actress Long NIA
Aerie newborn EAGLET
Altar constellation ARA
Ankara resident TURK
At once NOW
Aware of ONTO
Bearded beast GNU
Big fair, for short EXPO
Candied veggie YAM
Church area APSE
Citrus drink ADE
Colonial seamstress ROSS
Crunchy cookie OREO
Dijon denial NON
Dol. fractions CTS
Dross SLAG
Earth (Pref.) GEO
Egypt's neighbor SUDAN
Fawn's mom DOE
Flintstones' pet DINO
Gaiety FUN
Greek X CHI
Gusto ZEAL
Hot dog condiment MUSTARD
Hubbub ADO
Isaac's eldest ESAU
Clues Answers
Just out NEW
Klutz OAF
Knight wear ARMOR
Labyrinth MAZE
Leading man? USHER
Lentils, for example LEGUMES
Mentalist Geller URI
Modern taxi alternative UBER
More like a string bean GANGLIER
Ohio city TOLEDO
Peruke WIG
Poetic feet DACTYLS
Pre-diploma hurdle EXAM
Privation LOSS
Reply (Abbr.) ANS
Rochester's love EYRE
Salsa scoopers NACHOS
Seoul setting KOREA
Source ROOT
Spanish gold ORO
Stagger REEL
State made of two peninsulas MICHIGAN
Striped fish BASS
Tousle MUSS
Transaction DEAL
Vacillate YOYO
Wet dirt MUD
With skill ABLY
Witty one WAG
Work units ERGS
World of organized crime GANGLAND