The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,142 - Dec 13 2018

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Clues Answers
'Wet' encompasses a person with left-wing tendencies MAOIST
Article with zero volume included as part of Verdi chorus ANVIL
Chop up tree, but not the second, for instance EXAMPLE
Clearly that is a measure of effort? WELLIE
Cut it fine when cooking pasta FETTUCINI
Example of orderliness mostly brought to bear around recording APPLEPIE
Fencer's ultimate skill lying in sword responses REPARTEE
Food item is hot and cold? Something dodgy about that FISHCAKE
Foreman providing slip with resistance GAFFER
Gentle praise echoed after seizure reduced GRADUAL
Holland is besieged by alien -- join the army ENLIST
How it is when a left-winger pays repeatedly? ONTHETROT
Imagine young child, daughter, lacking a little energy PRETEND
Minister throttling one engaged in reversal of subsequent recovery RETRIEVAL
Clues Answers
Place with drinks around -- fails to walk steadily TOPPLES
Place, back in Irish islands, working with handcrafts? ARTISAN
Roadside feature upended German car in fog MILEPOST
Salvage worker errs badly about encouragement to action RESCUER
Sixties musical with very good note (it's rather sharp) HAIRPIN
Source of rubber unknown no longer? LATEX
Strange precaution with mast? This isn't a hurricane! STORMINATEACUP
Study picked up change almost entirely occurring at night NOCTURNAL
Sum that would result in no change? TOTUP
Tendency to follow source about seasonal overhaul SPRINGCLEANING
Very keen on the pub profits as well INTOTHEBARGAIN
Way of manufacturing quote from stage performance? PRODUCTIONLINE
Wrong to accept kiss and clothing item like some adolescents SIXTEEN
Young fellow consuming popular cheesecake? PINUP