New York Times - Dec 18 2018

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Clues Answers
'An Inconvenient Truth' author ALGORE
'Freeze! ___!' FBI
'No guarantees' ASIS
'Planet of the ___' APES
'You can skip me' IPASS
Accomplished DID
Alternative to John F. Kennedy LAGUARDIA
Arkansas River city TULSA
Balance sheet heading PAYABLES
Barely beat (out) EDGED
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Mourning ALONZO
Bat for hitting practice fly balls FUNGO
Be part of, as a play ACTIN
Became uncomfortable, as some underwear RODEUP
Black cat running across your path, it's said BADOMEN
Caboose, e.g END
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Conveyance for Calvin and Hobbes SLED
Cookie with its name on it OREO
Cousin of a pollock COD
Cry made with a fist pump YES
Distort SKEW
Dramatic 'You too?' ETTU
Enter GOIN
Former senator Trent LOTT
Gary who played Buddy Holly BUSEY
George who played Sulu on 'Star Trek' TAKEI
Hicks and Judge of Major League Baseball AARONS
It can't be improved upon IDEAL
Jewish cries OYS
Job listing abbr EEO
Like summers in Washington, D.C HUMID
Massage RUB
Mauna ___ KEA
Model Chrissy who wrote the best seller 'Cravings' TEIGEN
More of an ___ than a science ART
New Jersey river or bay RARITAN
Clues Answers
One agreeing with everything you say TOADY
Ones far from the honor roll DSTUDENTS
Outbox folder SENT
Parrot with a showy crest COCKATOO
Part of m.p.h PER
Prop for Wile E. Coyote TNT
Proper attire for detaining a perp? HOLDINGTANK
Proper attire for picking up a series of clues? TRAILBLAZER
Proper attire for shadowing a suspect? FOLLOWSUIT
Proper attire for taking fingerprints? DUSTJACKET
Psychological wound TRAUMA
Pull-off spot RESTAREA
Pull-up muscles, briefly LATS
Put into categories GROUP
Reappearance above water, as for a submarine EMERSION
Red, white and blue team USA
Relative of Alt on a keyboard CTRL
Reynolds of 'Boogie Nights' BURT
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Sign gas NEON
Sports org. since 1946 THENBA
Sticks (out) JUTS
Stop (up) DAM
Sushi garnish ROE
Thrash about FLAIL
Titles with tildes SENORS
Took a load off SAT
Unvarnished identity TRUESELF
Vittles EATS
W.S.J. competitor NYT
Weaponizes ARMS
Wearers of 17-, 24-, 50- and 59-Across? FASHIONPOLICE
Wedge, for one IRON
Whose tomb was opened in 1923 TUT
Wino, e.g SOT
Word with comfort or feature CREATURE
___ loss ATA