New York Times - Dec 16 2018

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Clues Answers
'Ciao!' LATER
'Doesn't matter to me' IMEASY
'Eww, that's enough!' TMI
'Here we go again ...' OHBOY
'I'm good, thanks' NAH
'Miss ___' (2016 political thriller) SLOANE
'No bid' IPASS
'Old MacDonald' farm sounds MOOMOO
'Ooh, let's do that!' GOODIDEA
'Play next' command on a music app ADDTOQUEUE
'Quién ___?' SABE
'Resume speed,' musically ATEMPO
'Today was just brutal!' IMSPENT
'Yay, team!' RAH
8.5' x 11': Abbr LTR
Action of a ladle DIPPING
All-nighter aid NODOZ
All-Star Mets catcher of the 1990s-2000s MIKEPIAZZA
An end to depend ENCE
Ancient capital of Laconia SPARTA
Archer of film ANNE
Be conned GETTAKEN
Bette Midler's 'Divine' nickname MISSM
Botanical opening STOMA
By oneself, in a way STAG
Calf raised for its meat VEALER
Casting doubt on CALLINGINTSTION
Cause damage DOHARM
Certain bubbly, informally ASTI
Certain dirección ESTE
Certain tenant ROOMER
Clear and set, as tables BUS
Coiner of the term 'Oedipus complex' FREUD
Collision IMPACT
Colorful treat that resembles a rocket ASTROPOP
Come out EMERGE
Corner PC key ESC
Country whose name consists of three consecutive state postal abbreviations MALAWI
Cowboy's rope LARIAT
Dangerous environment SNAKT
Diminishing returns? ECHOES
E-tail site since 2005 ETSY
Early wake-up time FIVEAM
Easy-to-swallow pill GELCAP
Emailing option BCC
Final work of Willa Cather's 'Prairie Trilogy' MYANTONIA
Followers of openers MAINACTS
Food item cracked open before eating CRABLEG
Freelancers' units: Abbr HRS
Gets to BUGS
Gifts that one usually bows when receiving LEIS
Gloucester and Kent in 'King Lear' EARLS
Going for broke ALLIN
Head honcho CEO
Herbert of old 'Pink Panther' films LOM
Heroes of the Battle of Britain, for short RAF
Immediately ... or where this puzzle's five circled squares appear? ATTHEDROPOFAHAT
It comes after II Chronicles BOOKOFRA
It's played for half a beat in 4/4 time EIGHTHNOTE
Italian pistol BERETTA
Its first letter stands for 'India' IPA
Japanese symbol of luck KOI
Juice brand HIC
Kind of year FISCAL
King's speech? SERMON
Clues Answers
Lace tip AGLET
Lake Volta's land GHANA
Largo or lento SLOW
Letters before single, double or triple RBI
Lex, e.g., in N.Y.C AVE
Like some ruins in the Western Hemisphere MAYAN
Like TV but not radio? INCAPS
Longtime N.B.A. on TNT analyst ONEAL
Lookalike TWIN
Mannerly CIVIL
Marriage money DOWRY
MetLife Stadium team, on scoreboards NYG
Misfortunes ILLS
Much sales RETAIL
Not abstaining USING
Not yet completed TODO
Notable schemer PONZI
One who cracks the whip? LIONTAMER
Peaceful IRENIC
Penultimate tourney round SEMIS
Plastic construction piece LEGOBLOCK
Police officer who's not necessarily on horseback MOUNTIE
Pope who supported the House of Borgia PIUSIII
Prized duck EIDER
Purchase at an African market FETISH
Put on a few layers BUNDLEUP
Radio/TV character played in film by Michael Horse (1981) and Johnny Depp TONTO
Riddle-ending query WHATI
Rock stars are frequently on this TOUR
Rowdydow ADO
Sanctuaries SAFEZONES
Sash go-with TIARA
Scanned IDs UPCS
Scare quote? BOO
Scat snippet LALA
See 88-Down STRAND
Serving in a red-and-white striped box POPCORN
Sets of plotted points LOCI
Shade of green MOSS
Shade of pink CORAL
Sides in Risk ARMIES
Skunklike, say ODOROUS
Snowball fighter's protection MITTEN
Some dash lengths EMS
Some fall births LIBRAS
Standard parts of combo meals SODAS
Swimming NATANT
Tennis commentator's cry ITSIN
Tense periods, for short OTS
The best, informally ACES
They're between shoulders ROADS
Thickheaded DIM
Three-star mil. rank LTGEN
Title for Iran's Ruhollah Khomeini IMAM
Topic concerned with hacking and software rights CYBHICS
Totally out INACOMA
Tow destination IMPOUNDLOT
Toward the stern ABAFT
Volunteer's declaration ICANGO
What stars have FAME
Who wrote 'Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That's the problem.' AAMILNE
With 93-Down, half of a double helix DNA
Word with shot or suit LONG
Words of denial NOTI
Words of resignation IQUIT
[Shiver] BRR
___ moment AHA
___ spawn (hellions) SATANS