Universal - Dec 14 2018

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Clues Answers
"Gross!" grunt UGH
"I need it now!" ASAP
"The same," in footnotes IBID
Agrees silently NODS
Angering Miss Manners RUDE
Antiquated OLDEN
Argued for or against PLED
Artistic classes GENRES
Beast that bugles ELK
BLT necessity BACON
Book of places ATLAS
Branch-of-science ending OLOGY
Burden LOAD
Burgle ROB
Chart feature GRAPH
Constellation bear URSA
Coop matron HEN
Daycare charges TYKES
Deterrents for speeders BUMPS
Dollar to comical Brown? GOODBUCKCHARLIE
Dublin's place EIRE
Easy target for a hunter? BUCKINTHEMIDDLE
Emily with the poems DICKINSON
Evaluates RATES
Face Jacob deGrom BAT
Favored by God (var.) BLEST
Find a total ADDUP
Fish-to-be ROE
Folks avoiding electricity AMISH
Four roods ACRE
Frenchmen of old GAULS
Gloomy atmosphere PALL
Good rival? EVIL
Handed down a decision RULED
ID feature PHOTO
Interesting? No BLAH
Inventor's document PATENT
It may be written off BADDEBT
Clues Answers
Japanese, e.g ASIAN
Like a fabled duckling UGLY
Lot or type ILK
Many newspapers DAILIES
Middle Eastern gulf ADEN
More bills ONES
Musician Charles RAY
Naan or pumpernickel BREAD
Old calculator SLIDERULE
Old-style goings-on ADO
Opposin' AGIN
Part of a skirt HEM
Pet lizard IGUANA
Philly pro EAGLE
Plant for balms ALOE
Pleased a store owner BOUGHT
Prepare, as a bow ROSIN
Presidential name twice ADAMS
Result of a big rig hitting a speedbump? SEMITRAILERBUCK
Shrek and kin OGRES
Singer Benatar PAT
Small watering hole POND
Soft palate attachment UVULA
Some bills TENS
Some involuntary movements TICS
Something fishy? ODOR
Sought info ASKED
Tear forcefully REND
Televise AIR
Thing to drive off TEE
Tree trunks BOLES
Try harder on eBay REBID
Turkish title AGHA
U-turn from alpha OMEGA
Use a smokescreen HIDE
Used a chair SAT
What the sky is, it's said LIMIT