The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,356 - Nov 25 2018

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Clues Answers
-- de toilette, toilet water EAU
-- garden, garden containing diverse collection of plants BOTANIC
African country south of Sardinia TUNISIA
Attack by enemy planes AIRRAID
Author of 'Robinson Crusoe' DEFOE
Bass tuba, a member of the saxhorn family EUPHONIUM
Beer-mug shaped like a stout man TOBYJUG
British group with hit 'Shattered Dreams' in 1987 JOHNNYHATESJAZZ
Chemical that produces stereospecific polymers ZIEGLERCATALYST
Cold flow of water of the South Pacific HUMBOLDTCURRENT
Colour named after a yellow flower JONQUIL
Command again, or reserve again REORDER
Company with over 650 hotels worldwide HYATT
Debut novel by Anne Bronte AGNESGREY
Distillation product from coal tar NAPHTHA
English mystic and anchoress chiefly associated with 'Revelations of Divine Love' JULIANOFNORWICH
Clues Answers
Failure to exercise a right NONUSER
Given to more vapid or boastful talk GASSIER
Having a predominance of light or bright tones HIGHKEY
Inflow or accession AFFLUXION
Mike --, singer who had a hit with 'Come Outside' in 1962 SARNE
Occasion when the general public can visit OPENDAY
Of birthmarks or pigmented spots NAEVOID
Phrase repeated five times in an Abba song title IDO
Plants of the hedera genus with evergreen foliage IVIES
Rapid bustling commotion ADO
Source that yields great riches or success BONANZA
Tommy --, Elvis Presley guitarist who also played the 'Bonanza' TV theme TEDESCO
Town on River Seine in northern France STDENIS
Village in Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk Wood LLAREGGUB
Visual representations in a printed publication ARTWORK
Volcanic dust or rock composed of it ASH