The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1239

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Clues Answers
Band backed trio appearing without one conductor MAESTRO
Beams, extra money being announced RAYS
Church more upset over US city service CEREMONY
Coarser mind misinterpreted country pastime morris dance
Corresponding mail is distributed on run SIMILAR
Exhausted, having nothing more to pay? all-in
Father’s game: means to travel overseas PASSPORT
Gale: bird has to move gradually on part of building window ledge
Good old weapon getting a quick look GLANCE
Governess repeated names to absorb a youngster at first NANNY
Graduate on ship sees fish BASS
His place of work is mine PITMAN
Clues Answers
Inability to bear being hypnotised, interrupted by bullring cheer INTOLERANCE
Jack, King — simple to discard one KNAVE
Limits to enraged guy expressing irritability EDGY
One-third of vegans wrong to get upset about meat VENISON
Our pigsties could become well-regarded PRESTIGIOUS
Police officer upset re agents SERGEANT
Revolutionary study about part of Bible is well-known NOTED
Silver brought into house for show of respect HOMAGE
Small thing I included in complete sports venue STADIUM
Sort of dive executed by fish? PIKE
Stop including openings for university lecturers in consequence RESULT
Think about cut in insurance chew over