Universal - Dec 6 2018

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Clues Answers
"OK, kid, here's a treat" HOLDOUTYOURHAND
"Satyagraha," for one OPERA
Airport guesses ETAS
All the ___ (nevertheless) SAME
Amazement AWE
Approached retirement AGED
Arrange SETUP
Bank deposit SAND
Be oh so obvious GOWITHOUTSAYING
Be prone LIE
Beat everyone WON
Become visible APPEAR
Beehive state UTAH
Blade in the lake OAR
Brewery supply MALT
Capped body part KNEE
Celebrate Thanksgiving DINE
Check the price SCAN
Civil Rights org. since 1909 NAACP
Comedian Sandler ADAM
Comparable AKIN
Continental dollar EURO
Defendant's answer PLEA
Director's reshoots TAKES
Eggs complement BACON
Erie Canal mule SAL
Extract forcibly WREST
Force unit DYNE
Fumbling verbal hesitation HAW
General meaning GIST
Gold quantity OUNCE
Gull relatives SKUAS
Hotels' sun providers ATRIA
Human waste SEWAGE
Instant or sec kin SNAP
Is regretting RUES
It may be swept under? RUG
Clues Answers
Lamp dweller GENIE
Late comic Jerry LEWIS
Lawn tool EDGER
Like acrobats AGILE
Like active general managers WORKINGOUTDEALS
Links choice IRON
Little aliens? ETS
Long, drawn-out tales SAGAS
Lot developer's map PLAT
Most nimble (var.) SPRIEST
Most sick ILLEST
Musical note held full time TENUTO
Noted space chimp ENOS
Opened one's eyes AWOKE
Peru natives INCA
Pitiful me word ALAS
Place for racing SPEEDWAY
Place in crusade? USA
Plagued by drought SERE
Porgies in pans SCUPS
Predatory whale ORCA
Prepare to be knighted KNEEL
Reeked STANK
Rejected and how SPURNED
Rewarding coal site SEAM
Sailing direction ALEE
Salad fishes TUNAS
Set of guiding beliefs ETHOS
Shoe part SOLE
Six-line poem SESTET
Some tropical fish TETRAS
Sport or don WEAR
Stare at GAWK
Subject of study AREA
Suffix with "command" EER
Unwelcome guest INTRUDER
Very lightly cooked RARE
Yarn lump SLUB