New York Times - Dec 6 2018

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Clues Answers
'Goshdarnit!' IBM
'I think ___' NOISE
'My bad!' NEE
'So it goes' ILK
'Stay calm!' IMAMS
1990s commerce pact KITTYCORNER
2008 political catchword NOVA
Alternative to a guillotine SHOVEL
Babble ADHD
Bad role model for Oliver Twist ARES
Baldwin of 'The Boss Baby' OAT
Best Supporting Actor nominee for 'Argo' AIRED
Beta ___ ALEC
Bustle BIDE
Cereal bit ARMS
Co. with a striped logo ITER
Create, as a chair OPEN
Cruising speed, maybe BEACHTOWEL
Deep cut DAINTY
Diagonally ... or a hint to four of this puzzle's squares NAE
Eat quickly, with 'in' LOOS
Effect of a sac fly LAID
Engine part CATERS
Father of Deimos and Phobos, in Greek myth LOATH
Fellow ARMY
French word that's a homophone of 47-Across NOOSE
Gazillionaire CATCHY
Held, as breath NAFTA
High point of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' TRIAL
Hobby shop buy AREA
Imitator LENS
Ingredient in many a breakfast cereal EVANS
It may be labeled 2x or 3x ENDOW
Johns across the pond NOT
Kind DYE
Kind of jacket SNOCAT
Like the hook of a good pop song LINT
Lily Potter's maiden name in the Harry Potter books NEHRU
Clues Answers
Loose fig EST
Mailing from Lands' End or Williams-Sonoma CATALOG
Many times, in poetry AIDE
Muslim leaders HOPE
My Chemical Romance genre CHAP
No longer independent ALAS
No longer working: Abbr FATC
Number two KNEE
Part of the body to slap HOE
Places where some house pets 'go,' in both this puzzle and real life BATED
Poorly KIT
Premiere STEEL
Put down OFT
Put on GASH
Reason for an Adderall prescription, for short TEST
Regenerable parts of a sea star RNA
Reluctant WIDE
Roman road TAKENOVER
Row maker OLDIE
Sauce with a vowel-heavy name RET
Single-stranded building block RBI
Sings the praises of ADO
Ski resort vehicle EMO
Slowly LENTO
Small and delicate SIXTY
Song from a 'Best of' album, maybe COPYCAT
Squeak or creak MUSC
Sunbather's accessory LITTERBOXES
Surveyor's finding OOPS
The world's fifth-largest economy PRATE
Things driven on ranches CATTLE
Three-time Best Director of the 1930s CAPRA
What thirsty flowers do GLORIFIES
When doubled, dance of the 2010s DONTPANIC
You may use a roller to get rid of it WILT
___ Caesarea, original name of New Jersey CAM
___ one's time ILLY