Wall Street Journal - Dec 6 2018 - From the Top

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Clues Answers
'Evil Empire,' per RWR USSR
'For Every Generation' brand PEPSI
'Good golly!' ILLBE
'Good morning, Pooh Bear. If it is a good morning. Which I doubt.' speaker EEYORE
'Law & Order' group DAS
57-Across, e.g ASS
Abe Simpson's estranged wife MONA
Animal also known as a zebra giraffe OKAPI
Artery opener STENT
Band disbanded in 2011 REM
Big joints KNEES
Bisects CUTSIN
Brief retirement NAP
Co-star of Farr and Farrell ALDA
Coincidence is often mistaken for it ESP
Comic eruption SPIT
Course convenience CART
Deserving of a pan AWFUL
Dior design ALINE
Direct STEER
Eaves nest builder WASP
Elephantine surrounder NILE
Entrance posts JAMBS
Excursion JUNKET
Fan sound RAH
Fit as a fiddle HALE
Game in which no decisions are made WAR
George Brett, for 21 years ROYAL
Get extra food delivery predelivery, say EATFOR
Hamburger sub? UBOAT
Home page? LEASE
In ___ (prenatal) UTERO
It may be flicked WRIST
It might come at the eleventh hour NEWS
Leaving word ADIEU
Like gym rats, often SWEATY
Clues Answers
Machiavellian SLYASAFOX
Maker of Wavy Heluva Good! French Onion potato chips UTZ
Makeshift handcuffs, often ZIPTIES
Mao follower TSE
Marine monster KRAKEN
Mil. command centers HQS
Page number in a book FOLIO
Pained protests YELPS
Playground no-no SHOVE
Port setting CASKS
Potala Palace setting TIBET
Present NONCE
Put on AIR
Put the kibosh on ABORTED
Ready for surgery, say UNDER
Remote power source AAS
Sap's lack SENSE
See 1-Across TWO
Sentences for spelling? BURNSATTHES
Singer Del Rey LANA
Size up ASSAY
Soul seller KIA
Start for athlete or atomic TRI
Stern holding a bow ISAAC
Steve Wozniak's portrayer in 'Steve Jobs' SETHROGEN
Sugar suffixes OSES
Surge protector? ARK
They're fertilized OVA
Time zone abbr STD
Tourist attraction SIGHT
Trojans' home: Abbr USC
University administration EXAM
Up to TIL
VW forerunner? STU
When Macbeth stabs Duncan ACT
Where thwarted people, or six of this puzzle's answers, go BACKTOSQUAREONE
With 1-Down, 'Let's try this again!' TAKE
___ chi TAI