L.A. Times Daily - Dec 5 2018

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Clues Answers
"Am not!" retort ARESO
"Diary of a Wimpy __": Jeff Kinney book series KID
"Who, me?" MOI
"Yes, fine by me" PLEASEDO
"__ Quiet Uptown": "Hamilton" song ITS
All-in-one Apple IMAC
Animation frame CEL
Approves OKS
Bakery unit LOAF
Battlefield order FIREWHENREADY
Black ice, e.g HAZARD
Boeing rival AIRBUS
Bryn __ College MAWR
Bullet __: list highlight ITEM
Bullfight figure TORERO
Business magnate CZAR
Choristers who are usually women ALTOS
Cross inscription INRI
Depleted sea ARAL
Despicable dudes CADS
Disciple's query ISITI
Early late-night TV host PAAR
Expected USUAL
Florida State player, familiarly NOLE
Forearm-related ULNAR
From A to Z ALL
Get increasingly steamed DOASLOWBURN
Getting stuff done, initially TCB
Goya's "Duchess of __" ALBA
Hindu spiritual writing SUTRA
Home of the NHL's Blues STL
ID gradually being omitted from Medicare cards SSN
Injure badly MAIM
Insurance submission CLAIM
It may be ear-piercing STUD
Jai __ ALAI
Lacking slack TAUT
Clues Answers
Like harvested hay MOWN
Old Italian bread? LIRE
Olympics coach Karolyi BELA
One way to travel RAIL
Pierre's "his" ALUI
President who appointed two women to the Supreme Court OBAMA
Provocative social media tactic FLAMETROLLING
Radio hobbyists HAMS
Ransack LOOT
Rickie Fowler's org PGA
Scrape off ABRADE
Second cup at a diner, e.g FREEREFILL
Secured, as a win ICED
Skinny INFO
Sledding spot HILLSIDE
Sleeping bag closer ZIPPER
Source of cones PINE
Spa treatment PEEL
Spanish dessert wine MALAGA
Spanish I verb AMO
Spars on the briny MASTS
Spoken for TAKEN
Stairway element RISER
Statistician Silver NATE
Striking white stripe between a horse's eyes FACIALBLAZE
Strive VIE
The SEC's Tigers LSU
Tower authority: Abbr FAA
Track ratios ODDS
Unite on the sly ELOPE
Venomous snake ADDER
Venue with skyboxes ARENA
Video game stage LEVEL
Vital body vessel AORTA
Water's capability to neutralize acid ALKALINITY
Wee hr ONEAM
Young bloke LAD
__ Mode, designer voiced by Brad Bird in "Incredibles 2" EDNA