L.A. Times Daily - Jun 14 2009

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Clues Answers
"Come Back, Little Sheba" playwright INGE
"Criminal Minds" network CBS
"Great Expectations" hero PIP
"Hud" Oscar winner NEAL
"The Life Aquatic with Steve __": Bill Murray film ZISSOU
"Too rich for my blood" IMOUT
"__ 18" (Uris novel) MILA
"__ better not" YOUD
2006 Rihanna hit SOS
Abalone product NACRE
Adopt, as a cause ESPOUSE
Ancient Athens rival SPARTA
Ancient France GAUL
Arctic garb PARKA
Army medic's system TRIAGE
Attorney's specialty LIBELLAW
Aunt, in Uruguay TIA
Bagel flavoring SESAME
Baltimore daily SUN
Bared one's soul OPENEDUP
Barely beats NIPS
Bellicose god ARES
Bev Bevan's band, briefly ELO
Big cat sign LEO
Birdie that's hidden literally in 10 pairs of puzzle answers ONEUNDERPAR
Boo Boo, in Barcelona? OSO
Breakfast staple BRAN
Brings home NETS
British rule in India RAJ
Brno-born people CZECHS
Burlap source HEMP
Cabs on the table REDS
Californian shrubland CHAPARRAL
Capitale south of San Marino ROMA
Carnation location LAPEL
Cassandra, for one SEERESS
Casual rebuffs NOPES
Cather novel set in Nebraska OPIONEERS
Chilling order? SEDATIVE
Classic Chunky brand ALPO
Clunkhead JERK
Complexion aids TONERS
Con victims SAPS
Cowpoke's pal PARD
Crunch targets ABS
Cybercommerce ETAIL
Delivery notice? ITSABOY
Development sites WOMBS
Didn't worry a bit SLEPTEASY
Dig discoveries: Var. SHERDS
Doctor, at times REFERRER
Doesn't die out LASTS
Doo-wop group anchor BASS
Dr. Mom's remedy TLC
Driller's filling INLAY
Eccentric OUTRE
Ectomorph BEANPOLE
Either director of "No Country for Old Men" COEN
Either of two Henry VIII wives ANNE
Eyelid sores STYES
Far from frenzied ATEASE
Fountain drink SODAPOP
Further shorten, maybe REEDIT
Garnier products SHAMPOOS
Geeky types NERDS
Gets wind of HEARS
Hardly a knockout PLAINJANE
Hayseed RUBE
Clues Answers
High point of a European vacation? ALP
Hit the sauce TOPE
Holdup cover-up SKIMASK
Houston-to-Dallas dir. NNW
Hudson Bay tribe CREE
Ill. metropolis CHI
Imported roadsters MIATAS
Iowa's state tree OAK
Jazz pianist Chick COREA
Jazzman Woody HERMAN
Judgment Day hymn DIESIRAE
Kid's shooter POPGUN
Knockouts attract them STARES
Lane partner KENT
Large currency unit? WAD
Lavishly entertain REGALE
Leave no doubt PROVE
LeBron James, e.g., briefly CAV
Like pumice: Var. POROSE
Like some stock NOPAR
Lunar Module test mission APOLLOIX
Mind the store VEND
Mineral in oysters ZINC
Moat site ZOO
Monocled food mascot MRPEANUT
Most of Uruguay PAMPAS
Moved out LEFTHOME
MS. fixers EDS
Nano or shuffle IPOD
Nary a soul NOONE
Net grazers LETS
Newlyweds' car decoration STREAMER
Not up to snuff SUBPAR
Obnoxious sort, in slang CREEPO
Obsession for Lady Macbeth SPOT
One of two Crayola colors with the shortest name TAN
One whose tickets are often expensive COP
Peaked ILL
Peeled strip PARING
Philosopher __ de Beauvoir SIMONE
Pickup trick LINE
Pita look-alike NAN
Plant reproduction prefix SPOR
Pope's work POEMS
Presage BODE
Priceless? FREE
Private pupil TUTEE
Scandalous stuff SLEAZE
Schools of thought ISMS
Showed where to go GUIDED
Skye of "Say Anything ..." IONE
Small wrapper? ELF
Starbucks order TALL
Stretch TERM
The same either way PALINDROMIC
They may be pale ALES
Three letters forming a single sound TRIGRAPH
Three-part European union BENELUX
Throughout, in music SEMPRE
Time long past BYGONEERA
Tiny army member ANT
Tip of Massachusetts ONEILL
TV shooting victim of 3/21/1980 JREWING
TV wheel spinner's purchase ANA
Type of alcohol ETHYL
Via, to Burns THRO
Virtuoso WIZ
Year in Augustus' reign ONEBC
__ acid AMINO
__ Tunes LOONEY