USA Today - Jun 12 2009

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Clues Answers
". . . for a ___ pittance" MERE
"Credit or ___?" DEBIT
"Quadrophenia" song "Love, Reign ___ Me" OER
"Slow and steady wins the race," for one MORAL
"Whale Rider" people MAORI
800 number's lack TOLL
Accuse tentatively ALLEGE
Across-the-room signal NOD
All together, musically TUTTI
Altdorf canton URI
Anticrime acronym since 1970 RICO
Arctic Circle native LAPP
As simple as instructions get ONESTEP
Ashes holder URN
Baby bottom soother TALC
Baffling questions POSERS
Banned apple application ALAR
Beat badly SHELLAC
Breakfast-eating area NOOK
Business phone no. add-on EXT
California red MERLOT
Calliope's sister ERATO
Caps Lock neighbor TAB
Cards for the clairvoyant TAROT
Check for viruses SCAN
Classic dress style ALINE
Deep-fry alternative SAUTE
Dig this? ORE
Distance without limit SPACE
Diving bell attachment HOSE
Eagles' nests (Var.) EYRIES
Economize on the wedding ELOPE
Goes out for an hour or two? NAPS
Gore Vidal's "___ Breckinridge" MYRA
Grant's opposite DENY
Great self-contentment SMUGNESS
Haunted house sound MOAN
Homo, for humans GENUS
Clues Answers
House or Cobb SALAD
In a mousy way MEEKLY
Inappropriate for high-class Brits NONU
It's at the bottom of the Pacific BED
Kind of wave or boom SONIC
Kind of zone NOPARKING
Make a little ___ long way GOA
Monumental stone heap CAIRN
Not as longwinded TERSER
Not isolated, as a problem SYSTEMIC
Obsessed with oneself EGOMANIACAL
Obstruct STYMIE
One place for pedestrians CROSSWALK
Packed it in ATE
Pester effectively GETAT
Plant bristles AWNS
Potted maritime plant SEAKALE
Protein bean SOYA
Rationality SENSE
Reason to slow down SPEEDLIMIT
Replace with ellipses, e.g. OMIT
Revered one ICON
Shelter of canvas TENT
Solemn promise OATH
Surgical glove material LATEX
Surveyor's layout PLAT
Track legend Zátopek EMIL
Traffic squeeze BOTTLENECK
Type of hygiene ORAL
Unfettered joy GLEE
Variety of whale SEI
Vegas machine with the best odds? ATM
Versifier's preposition ERE
Wet thoroughly DOUSED
What animal bites may cause LACERATIONS
Where Jimmy Carter taught after his Presidency EMORY
Word in many band names THE
___ of mistaken identity ACASE