Wall Street Journal - Jun 12 2009 - June 12, 2009 - Speaker Boxes

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Clues Answers
'Bathers at Asnières' painter SEURAT
'Dreams From My Father' author OBAMA
'Love Story' composer Francis LAI
'Moon River' composer MANCINI
'My Name Is' rapper EMINEM
'The Premature Burial' author POE
'The Queen of Soul,' familiarly ARETHA
'Uh-huh!' YUP
1998 Julia Roberts/Susan Sarandon movie STEPMOM
64-Across, at times ROARER
8 on the Beaufort scale GALE
96-Across, for one SISTER
Acts as lookout for, say ABETS
Acts the raconteur SPINSAYARN
Adlai's 1956 running mate ESTES
Angst-ridden music genre EMO
Animal with a speckled coat ROAN
Animal with webbed paws OTTER
Another nickname for the Big Easy NOLA
Bath blokes BRITS
Boater's cousin PANAMAHAT
Bosox legend YAZ
Bronx heroes (including the first word of a Matthew Prior quote) THEYANKEES
Browser button BACK
Camp clothing? DRAG
Causes of harm EVILS
Charge RUNAT
Cinematographer Deschanel CALEB
City between Buffalo and Cleveland ERIE
Co-star of Eva, Marcia and Felicity TERI
Comfortably familiar person, informally OLDSHOE
Comprises HAS
Constitution MAKEUP
Corpsman MEDIC
Critical work REVIEW
Current FLOW
Didn't defy OBEYED
Diner where Alice and Flo worked MELS
Dismissed derisively SNORTEDAT
Dispatched SENT
Ellipse pair FOCI
Enjoy some Extra CHEW
Exams of pupils, e.g. EYETESTS
Fanny pack feature STRAP
Fashionable shopping spot FIFTHAVENUE
Fellow GUY
Fertility clinic item OVUM
Fleet from afar UFOS
Flipped (through) LEAFED
Game franchise with a dragon logo MORTALKOMBAT
Garden shed collection HOES
Get it wrong ERR
Gift from one's parents GENES
God of desire EROS
Guitar maker Fender LEO
Half of a popular vaudeville dance team ADELEASTAIRE
Half ___ (Starbucks order) CAF
He has his pride LION
Herbert of the Pink Panther movies LOM
Home of the online Encarta Encyclopedia MSN
Horatian creation ODE
In-box stack MEMOS
Inauguration Day highlight OATH
Incense ENRAGE
Is attentive LISTENS
It's higher than an A BFLAT
Jambalaya need RICE
Clues Answers
Janis's husband in the comics ARLO
Latte preparer BARISTA
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Like iPods STEREO
Like some nuts SALTED
Like some photos and suspects FRAMED
Long time COONSAGE
Maintaining a constant temperature THERMOSTATIC
Make lots PAVE
Make out DETECT
Makes teriyaki GRILLS
Many a Gary Cooper film WESTERN
Many NYC homes APTS
Marvin Gaye's '___ Little Girl' IMETA
Maryland player TERP
Membre de la famille FRERE
Middle of three in a row TAC
Mob pariah RAT
Mother of the Titans GAEA
Nicholas Gage book ELENI
Nikolai's negation NYET
Object of veneration RELIC
Olympics swimmer Ian THORPE
On the edge of one's seat AGOG
Org. that battled the Luftwaffe RAF
Out of the public spotlight ONICE
Overprotective sort CODDLER
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Programmer's creation CODE
Programmer's creation, for short SKED
Puts in, in a way ELECTS
Quick cut SNIP
Range divisions OCTAVES
Receive with gusto EATUP
Recipient of private lessons TUTEE
Refrain bit LALA
Relief for chaps LIPBALM
Restrictive clause starter THAT
Result of some plotting GRAPH
Salon offering PERM
Seat seeker's stop TICKETOFFICE
Security worker RENTACOP
Set out LEAVE
Sharers' pronoun OURS
Significant span ERA
Small fall CASCADE
Some radio stations FMS
Speak with your hands SIGN
Speeder's risk FINE
Start of a JFK quote ASKNOT
Subterranean vault CRYPT
They have pull on the farm PLOWHORSES
Tibias' termini ANKLES
Tizzy FLAP
Uncritically enthusiastic RAHRAH
Unsuitable for bluebloods, in England NONU
Unworried ATEASE
Upper house of France's Parliament SENAT
Utility installation GASMETER
Vague person? ANYONE
Vivarin rival NODOZ
Wall cover IVY
Weill's wife LENYA
Wheaties box candidate ATHLETE
Words from the White Rabbit IMLATE