New York Times - Nov 28 2018

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Clues Answers
'I am not what I am' speaker IAGO
'Little' one of old TV RASCAL
'The Simpsons' clerk APU
'What you can get away with,' according to Andy Warhol ART
2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee John OATES
A. A. Milne hopper ROO
Abbr. in help-wanted ads EEO
Accordingly HENCE
Actress Adams AMY
Ad ___ committee HOC
Alley-___ OOP
Andersson of Abba BENNY
As many as UPTO
Attempt, informally WHIRL
Beethoven honoree ELISE
Betting game popular with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday FARO
Big lug OAF
Big time ERA
Called on TAPPED
Church recesses APSES
Coin ___ TOSS
Contemporary of Pizarro DESOTO
Contents of a football 'shower' GATORADE
Course of action WAY
Da's opposite NYET
Darling of baseball RON
Echelons STRATA
Emory board feature? DEANS
First name in skin care ESTEE
For each PER
Fragrant compounds ESTERS
Goal for one trying to 'collect 'em all' SET
Good-for-nothing ROGUE
Govt. watchdog until 1996 ICC
Harper's Bazaar cover designer ERTE
Historical event suggested by each of the six groups of circled letters FRENCHREVOLUTION
How some deposits are held INESCROW
Inflate, as a bill PAD
It merges with the Rhone near Valence ISERE
Juillet's season ETE
Kobe cash YEN
Clues Answers
Last readout before an odometer rolls over NINES
Lav, in Leeds LOO
Like most repos TOWED
Limit CAP
Ludicrous INANE
Miscreant BADACTOR
Not much ATAD
Not pertinent INAPT
Noted Hungarian puzzler RUBIK
Numerical prefix OCTA
Oaxaca whoop OLE
Old Greek square AGORA
Old space station MIR
Old-fashioned in attire DOWDY
One of Snoopy's brothers, in 'Peanuts' OLAF
Peddled HAWKED
Pool competitions MEETS
President Coin in the 'Hunger Games' series ALMA
Pricey DEAR
Provided, as data FEDIN
Punch line? POW
Richard Gere title role DRT
Roast a bit RIB
Roast bit ONELINER
Self-help genre HOWTO
Sign of summer LEO
Spanish she-bear OSA
Staggering AREEL
Start some trouble KICKUPAROW
Strawberry, e.g FLAVOR
Surfing moniker USERID
Symbol of durability OAK
Tee off MIFF
Veil material TULLE
What Ascap counts for purposes of royalties PLAYS
What things on the downslide may have 'seen' BETTERDAYS
Wild pig BOAR
Words in a threat ORELSE
Wrath IRE
___ buco OSSO