Universal - Jun 11 2009

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Clues Answers
"How about that!" OHO
"I'm still listening" comment UHHUH
"So far ___ can tell ..." ASI
"That's gross!" EEW
"Walk the Line" cast first name REESE
"___ say more?" NEEDI
"___ you ashamed of yourself?" ARENT
"___ your move" ITS
Biweekly tide NEAP
Coffee containers URNS
Cole who sang "The Christmas Song" NAT
Comic sections, once ROTOS
Cultivated GREW
Dealey Plaza feature KNOLL
Destination of some flights ATTIC
Dewy-eyed one NAIF
Disgust SICKEN
Drive or second GEAR
Everyone's yard THREEFEET
Eye part IRIS
Feeling no pain OILED
George Lucas franchise STARWARS
Get wrong ERR
Greek letter after theta IOTA
Greek portico STOA
Head of state? INTER
Heeds a roadblock STOPS
Hotel chain RADISSON
It may be off the wall TWOBAGGER
It's not in Scotland NAE
Kind of energy KINETIC
Lady's man GENT
Lamborghini's parent company AUDI
Late, on a report card TARDY
Latin land? TERRA
Lend ___ (listen) ANEAR
Like some concerts or markets OPENAIR
Like the fur seal EARED
Clues Answers
Mass. hours EST
Mink's kin STOAT
Mongolian tent YURT
Monkey business TRICKERY
More abundant RIFER
More or less, informally SORTA
Mr. Universe may flex it PEC
No longer in the USN RET
One needing rehab USER
One of a singing trio TENOR
One of six for a hexagon SIDE
Org. in "The Good Shepherd" CIA
Part of a creed TENET
Preschool group? ROE
Quick meal BITE
Robert and Artie SHAWS
Rotunda effect ECHO
Seller of Alaska in 1867 RUSSIA
Silent movie actress Nita NALDI
Sing & ___ Ernie ("Sesame Street" doll) SNORE
Single act, as of genius STROKE
Smallest possible team DUO
Snake-haired monsters of mythology ERINYES
So-so connection? AND
Some soccer players STRIKERS
Source of royal insomnia PEA
Stuffs to the gills SATES
Sudden fright START
Sunday player? ORGAN
Take off RUN
They're filled at Easter PEWS
Two-year-old sheep TEG
U-turn, essentially ONEEIGHTY
Wealthy king of Lydia CROESUS
What a private eye might record TRYST
White House bill TWENTY
Word that stops a street hockey game CAR
Yellowish brown TAWNY
___ Mongolia OUTER