Universal - Nov 25 2018

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Clues Answers
"Dear" gentlemen SIRS
"European" prefix INDO
"How am I ___?" DOING
"Mine! Mine!" DIBS
"Stop right there!" HALT
"Swish" maker NET
"The other white meat" PORK
"___ Window" (Hitchcock classic) REAR
Albacores, e.g TUNAS
Answer to "Which guy?" HIM
Asian language THAI
Bangkok currency BAHT
Bass-based viols GAMBAS
Become frosted ICEUP
Below, old-style NEATH
Biblical offense SIN
Big day in Dec XMAS
Bro to bro SIB
Bunched, as feathers TUFTED
Celeb dating pairs ITEMS
Cheat out of money BILK
Colony devourers ANTEATERS
Colored or toned HUED
Craftier (var.) SLIER
Directed toward SENT
Elicitor of strong emotions HOTBUTTONISSUE
Elitist SNOB
En ___ (as a crowd) MASSE
Evoke or draw out EDUCE
Excursion TRIP
Fit of shivering AGUE
Floor tile calculation AREA
Flowery wreath LEI
Fordham in Illinois DAM
Formality type? MERE
Frigid home IGLOO
Gut bacteria ECOLI
Has-___ (stars no more) BEENS
Hold in esteem VALUE
Clues Answers
Installs a lawn SODS
Italian restaurant TRATTORIA
Lady of refinement MADAM
Lady opera star DIVA
Makes indecisive noises HAWS
Meat spinner SPIT
Moses' brother AARON
Mudsling SMEAR
Muslim holy man IMAM
Nationality partying in March IRISH
Nay voter ANTI
Nerve in the arm ULNAR
New society miss DEB
Old-style nameless writer ANON
One weeding in a row HOER
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Presses into service USES
Rolled-over savings IRAS
Rubber cement kin GLUE
School since 1701 YALE
Sculptor's trunk TORSO
See at a distance ESPY
Sleep disorder APNEA
Sounds from corrals NEIGHS
Star of Cygnus DENEB
Strike with an ax HEW
Student's need DESK
Superfluous ornament FRILL
The thing's ITS
Thick, rounded hairdo AFRO
Things between good buddies WARMFRIENDSHIPS
To one side ASKEW
Un-wrinkled? IRONED
Unkempt abode STY
Visa alternative, briefly AMEX
Vividly colored fish OPAH
When things can be seen clearly COLDLIGHTOFDAY
Wild dog of Down Under DINGO