- Nov 24 2018

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Clues Answers
''Forget about it!'' NODEAL
''Go!'' RAH
'90s hitter headliner SOSA
Adjacent bits BYTE
American Legion designed it, FDR signed it GIBILL
Animated snow maker ELSA
Antonym of ''tidied'' MUSSEDUP
Beat back NIK
Boxing venue UPSSTORE
Chalky-looking WAN
Coal __ CAR
Comes to gradually EDUCES
Concessionaire's clientele SNACKERS
Conferred authority on DEPUTED
Coop group FOWL
Cry for attention HEARYE
Dr. Spock topic COLIC
Dress designer's concern NECKLINE
Empty rhetoric EYEWASH
Ending like -ian ESE
Entryway for current ANODE
Fahrenheit or Celsius EPONYM
Four Stravinsky works ETUDES
French dash ELAN
French dash SEL
Fuel source for 7-Eleven SUNOCO
Galley group ROWERS
Game developer's alteration MOD
Gets to STARTS
Heavy duty ONUS
Inept recruit GOMER
Inferior cut, to many SIDEB
Infernal HADEAN
It's poorly written SCRAWL
Knock (about) GAD
Clues Answers
Magic manual, in role-playing games GRIMOIRE
Mickey, in ''Rocky'' GYMOWNER
Multiple chips, often BET
Negative press FLAK
No longer horizontal RISEN
Paramount Pictures owner VIACOM
Person from Nantes BRETON
Personae SELVES
Produced by cloning, as bananas SEEDLESS
Ring bearer DIGIT
Ruler in Matthew HEROD
Satellite sender HOMEBASE
Seller of $5 Fill Ups KFC
Show off one's memorization of RECITE
Show runner HOST
Ski-trip stretcher LYCRA
Something made for winding up SPOOL
Squawk about BEWAIL
State south of Veracruz OAXACA
Steamed up INAPET
Steamship hand STOKER
Subordinate clause RIDER
Surround with plastic, perhaps ENCASE
The majority of Japanese DVD sales ANIME
They're frequently quoted online AIRFARES
Too easy LAX
UK pre-decimal money LSD
Use Blue Apron for brunch DINEIN
What herbalism is part of BOTANY
Where trunks may await their owners CABANAS
Wine list staple HOUSERED
Yukon city where Jack London lived DAWSON
__ names NAMES