The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,674 - Nov 23 2018

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Clues Answers
A paper nobody backs maintains run for some time AFTERNOON
Ancient 3 fellow East German left FOSSIL
Bismuth has to turn red, perhaps piebald BICOLOUR
Bizarre objects, each full of toxic compound EXOTICA
Book was wrong about current state of some trees BERRIED
British-American sign said: 'Coach Line' BUSQUEUE
Building material makes smoother sound SANDSTONE
Contestant receives surgery for disorder ENTROPY
Corporal remains Roman Catholic priest at heart RELIC
Dash back before crossing for­bidden Silk Road for one TRADEROUTE
Dodgy dealer rings excellent pottery FAIENCE
Don't read enough to be a locum? UNDERSTUDY
Find nightclub dead DISCOVERY
Former Tory leader in court is dead and gone EXTINCT
Gatecrash lewd independent theatre first INTRUDE
Clues Answers
In Brussels, book into sprawling development EVOLUTION
Information is inspiring French art creation GENESIS
It's black and pink, lacking resistance COAL
Liberal philosopher's bed LAYER
Peer that follows just after the start EARLYON
Period yielding 10 addled brain? Of course! CARBONIFEROUS
Practicable round safety device OFUSE
Quarryman's key picked up MINER
Rock formation exposed by harvest OUTCROP
Send for treatment here, after he falls off bike RECYCLE
Stevenson's written about still EVENSO
Tell bishop, not priest RELATE
Unknown mineral long ago YORE
Zinc or rocky mineral in crystal form ZIRCON