The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7815

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Clues Answers
Annoyed; hybrid CROSS
Avoid, prevent OBVIATE
Burglar's plunder SWAG
Combs and cleans (wool) CARDS
Common garden plant FUCHSIA
Compassion, forgiveness MERCY
Entrance examination PRELIM
Exactly the same IDENTICAL
Grate; graze SCRAPE
Honey producers BEES
Interplanetary craft SPACESHIP
Jumping marsupial WALLABY
Clues Answers
Large monkeys BABOONS
Modern Bombay MUMBAI
Norway lobsters SCAMPI
Papal ambassador NUNCIO
Put right REPAIR
Raise one's voice speak up
Rebuffed, insulted SNUBBED
Return (to earlier state) REVERT
Roadside pull-in lay-by
Severe trial ORDEAL
Thomas —, inventor EDISON
Tidal river mouth ESTUARY
Weapons store ARSENAL