Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 14 2018

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Clues Answers
$ dispenser ATM
'Big Blue' IBM
'Give — rest!' ITA
'I'm not impressed' MEH
'The Da Vinci —' CODE
Abrupt turn ZAG
After-homework period TVTIME
Ballpark fig EST
Bit of butter PAT
Born NEE
Cacophony DIN
Capote nickname TRU
Castle tower TURRET
Compete VIE
Deli turnover KNISH
Different OTHER
Dol. fractions CTS
Drunkard SOT
Electric measure VOLT
Employ USE
Envelope abbr ATTN
Fanatic NUT
Faxed SENT
Figure of speech IDIOM
Fireplace flickerers FLAMES
G-man's org FBI
God, to Galileo DIO
Golfer Watson BUBBA
Handed out hands DEALT
Here, to Henri ICI
Hockey venue RINK
Clues Answers
Iberian nation SPAIN
Ill-suited UNFIT
Immigrant's subj ESL
Lair DEN
Little rascal IMP
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Makeup mogul Lauder ESTEE
Mel of Cooperstown OTT
Miserly Marner SILAS
Mixes up STIRS
Ms. Thurman UMA
Period of contemplation QUIETTIME
Period of self-care METIME
Piquant ZESTY
Proof letters QED
Punk-rock subgenre EMO
Recess NICHE
Redact EDIT
Rush-hour period, to radio stations DRIVETIME
Service charge FEE
Skip a sound ELIDE
Slangy OKs YEPS
Slithery fish EEL
Surprised cries OHS
Taxi alternative UBER
Tierra — Fuego DEL
Ump's call OUT
Undo a dele STET
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Wager BET
Wishful words IHOPE
— kwon do TAE