L.A. Times Sunday - Jun 7 2009

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Clues Answers
"I'm glad!" GOOD
"Passages" author Sheehy GAIL
"The Group" co-star Joanna PETTET
"The ___ of Evil" AXIS
"Well, since you ___ ..." ASKED
0 on an altimeter SEALEVEL
A bed habit SLEEP
Actress Jeanne of "A Letter to Three Wives" CRAIN
Ad placed by a restless doggie? AFGHANWILLTRAVEL
Advantage EDGE
An appetizer SOUP
Astronaut Slayton DEKE
Atop, to a bard OER
Attach, as a patch SEWON
Attract WOO
Author Gay TALESE
Bee's ward OPIE
Bible book PSALMS
Board groove DADO
Bogart film, "High ___" SIERRA
Burning AFLAME
Canadian peninsula GASPE
Canal or Lake ERIE
Capri et al. ISLES
Casual shirts POLOS
Check mates? STUBS
Chew the fat JAW
Chooses OPTS
Cleopatra's undoing ASP
Clothes woes RIPS
Computer organization? DATABASE
Crockpot creation STEW
Cuts and pastes EDITS
Debussy subject FAUN
Depraved EVIL
Digestive tract malady CHOLERA
Doggie's acute sense SMELL
Endowments org. NEA
Eng. subj. LIT
Entertainer Theodore BIKEL
Erwin and Symington STUS
Exercised one's doggies? WORKEDOUTTHEPUGS
Failing onstage DYING
Fathers SIRES
Follow closely ADHERETO
Following-suit word TOO
Forgo play PASS
Frame anew, as a picture REMAT
Fuzz-faced prez ABE
G.A. Nasser's land UAR
Garden figure EVE
Gaucho's rope RIATA
Get into a spot? PARK
Gets that pins-and-needles feeling TINGLES
Globule DAB
Grandpa Walton portrayer GEER
Hall of Famer Brock LOU
Hard to get around WIDE
Haul into court SUE
He's Neo in "The Matrix" KEANU
Heats, as glass ANNEALS
Hi's wife, in the comics LOIS
Ill-starred Tejano singer SELENA
Indian emperor of 1600 AKBAR
Internal makeup of a sort DNA
Inveterate AVID
Island of coffee JAVA
It'll move you VAN
Jazzman Adderley NAT
Lamp fuel KEROSENE
Clues Answers
Lie ahead AWAIT
Little Caesar's weapon GAT
Look like a wolf? OGLE
Martin and Jobs STEVES
Milk, in Monterrey LECHE
Monica of tennis SELES
Much renovated Southland hub LAX
Name for a doggie deli? LOXANDBEAGLES
New Jersey team NETS
Nocturnal flier OWL
Oblast letters, once SSR
Ohio team REDS
Olive genus OLEA
One of Ataturk's names MUSTAFA
One of Faith's friends? HOPE
Oscar-winning Ledger HEATH
Othello, for one MOOR
Outfit GETUP
Paris when it sizzles ETE
Part of the 79 Across EGO
Payment pledge IOU
Peeve SNIT
Peres of Israel SHIMON
Photo of Brooks with his doggie? MELANDCOLLIE
Piano piece ETUDE
Pick up the tab PAY
Plant equivalent of blood vessels XYLEM
Platte R. setting NEB
Playwright Rice ELMER
Plum or puce, e.g. HUE
Plumbing problem CLOG
Praise LAUD
Prepare to conquer? DIVIDE
Rare bill TWO
Ready to eat RIPE
Record spoiler BLOT
Renee's "Chicago" role ROXIE
Responsibility ONUS
Roulette color NOIR
Sausage type PORK
Science fiction award HUGO
Sense of identity SELF
Shipwreck finder SONAR
Shogun's capital EDO
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Side building ANNEX
Slangy affirmative YEP
Socialize at a nightclub TABLEHOP
Soothing RESTFUL
Squeezable containers TUBES
Strung along LEDON
Televises AIRS
Top pick, briefly FAVE
Totally involve ABSORB
Toy-sized toymaker ELF
Transgressions SINS
Turkey side YAM
TV sports pioneer Arledge ROONE
Ultimate NTH
Vacation rental CAR
Vintage Jag XKE
Violinist or his actor son EFREM
Web search result HIT
What so loudly we hail TAXI
What the priest's doggie was? AHOLYTERRIER
Whoppers LULUS
Williams of tennis SERENA
Witnessed SAW
Words of denial NOTI
___ the knuckles (like some pitches) INON