The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,887 - Nov 3 2018

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Clues Answers
'Georgia, Georgia on my mind?' No, out of it GAGA
Agent stocking cold spirit and other alcohol SCRUMPY
Announced as Jun-Aug, in brief SUMMARY
Barge in having lost some shades? LIGHTER
Blue landscape depicted by old boy OBSCENE
Called relative making good move to the East End RANG
Carpenter's mate with uniform held in stomach, sadly English droopy feature WALRUSMOUSTACHE
Chopped-up spam in mac with cheese as fall-back option? ESCAPEMECHANISM
Corrupt councils' foe's cunning, in an awkward way SELFCONSCIOUSLY
Current will flow through non-stop, I calculate TOPICAL
Department that'll give you an A in geometry AREA
Duck enclosure not bolted OPEN
Explorer that travels via land, water and air DRAKE
Forbidding daughter to join quartet with no following DOUR
Forecasters backed Italian runner's speed TEMPO
Going on and on about first sign of trucks breaking road up ETERNAL
Clues Answers
Husband rather routine? HABIT
Income deposited rises, protecting man at the top TAKINGS
It turns men soppy, meeting celebrity player INSTRUMENTALIST
It's in Home Counties locale SITE
Kind of clothing article oddly missing pleat Mary sent back THERMAL
Making deliveries, being personally inclined to keep left BOWLING
Measure edge INCH
Mob means one takes this route on ship GANGWAY
Nick is closer, in an aggressive way SLAMMER
One ace -- clubs -- following, say, queen of hearts CARDIAC
One studying vision of love is taken in by sect OCULIST
Outskirts of Brisbane left right behind too BESIDES
Presently being full of whisky, black out SWOON
Regular howler, having damaged car by getting by CRYBABY
Revolution mainly works in theatre -- one with unique outlook CYCLOPS
Space dock approached the wrong way ROOM