USA Today - Dec 30 2018

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Clues Answers
'Now ___ here!' SEE
'Sesame Street' lessons ABCS
'Snowbird' singer Murray ANNE
'Suds' BEER
'That's the truth!' NOLIE
'The Balcony' playwright Jean GENET
'___ good turn . . .' ONE
25-Across serving, sometimes PINT
8-Down great Lindros ERIC
Air rifle ammo BBS
As an upper limit ATMOST
Backpacker's burden TENT
Blarney Castle's locale COUNTYCORK
Breath-freshening gum DENTYNE
Budget manager's concern COSTCONTROL
Cause of sniffles COMMONCOLD
CBS correspondent Cosby RITA
Cell dweller CON
Closing credits listing ROLES
Deli salad ingredient TUNA
Election night development TREND
Enthralled by INTO
Eva of 'Ghost Rider' MENDES
Former British Prime Minister Tony BLAIR
Free of clutter NEAT
Got off the fence ACTED
Hustler's game POOL
Ill-mannered sorts LOUTS
In a frenzy MANIC
Indescribably delicious TODIEFOR
It's supported by rigging MAST
Junkyard corrosion RUST
License prerequisite, often TEST
Like a headline typeface BOLD
Like an illegal hit, in football LATE
Lowly laborer PEON
Macintosh image ICON
Means of identifying electrical wires COLORCODING
Mechanic's billing unit HOUR
Clues Answers
Model in a bottle SHIP
Obsessed whaler of fiction AHAB
Oil additive brand STP
One seeking asylum, perhaps DEFECTOR
Pasta or potato, to a marathoner CARB
Piggy bank feature SLOT
Pin a medal on DECORATE
Place for refuse TRASHCAN
Politico Gingrich NEWT
Pop the question PROPOSE
Post-ante activity DEAL
River to the Missouri OSAGE
Runny French cheese BRIE
Showroom item AUTO
Side in a turf war GANG
Sire, biblically BEGET
Sleep in a 36-Across, say CAMP
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Songwriters' org ASCAP
Squalid state DINGE
Stanley Cup org NHL
Start of many limericks THERE
Swipe, as a purse SNATCH
Taboo, to a tot NONO
Take off after CHASE
Talking animals in 'The Far Side' COWS
Toy that inspired several movies LEGO
Tunnel sound ECHO
TV mag listing SKED
Untouchables head NESS
Use a gunsight AIM
Weather map line ISOBAR
Wild West legend ___ Bill PECOS
Words of approximation ORSO
Wrapped up ENDED
Wright Brothers' home state OHIO
Xerography powder TONER
___ room (place to play 61-Across) REC
___ War (South African conflict) BOER