USA Today - Dec 29 2018

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Clues Answers
'How Do I Live' singer Rimes LEANN
'In the same place,' in footnotes IBID
'Mule Train' singer Frankie LAINE
'Sully,' for one HERO
'This won't hurt ___!' ABIT
'Walking in Memphis' singer Marc COHN
'Yeah, right!' ASIF
24-hr. banking conveniences ATMS
Advil competitor ALEVE
Aptly named citrus UGLI
Beginning of a decline in quality, in TV lingo JUMPINGTHESHARK
Beverage store unit CASE
Bit of tomfoolery ANTIC
Cat's nine, it's said LIVES
Caterer's vessel URN
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Cobwebby room, often ATTIC
Cohort of Kent and Lane OLSEN
Computer-linking technology ETHERNET
Depot posting, for short SKED
Derby competitor's footwear item ROLLERSKATE
Disney character who sings 'Let It Go' ELSA
Disreputable doctor QUACK
Doctor's application to a newborn's bottom SLAP
Dye in temporary tattoos HENNA
Emanation from a heat lamp INFRAREDRAY
Feedbag morsel OAT
Fudge the facts LIE
Grandpa Simpson ABE
Groundskeeper's tool MOWER
Hogwarts professor Severus SNAPE
Home to 9-Across and 23-Across EDEN
Homes for drones HIVES
Japan's Prime Minster, 1941-44 TOJO
Johnny who sang at Folsom Prison CASH
Joint with an ACL KNEE
Last half of DINK NOKIDS
Laurel of old comedy STAN
Leave nothing to chance PLAN
Clues Answers
Licoricelike flavoring ANISE
Like hardcore fans AVID
Like midtown Manhattan URBAN
Lob's path ARC
Made like a goose HONKED
Mail caught in filters SPAM
Motel employee MAID
Much AM radio fare TALK
Navel buildup LINT
Nicollette of 'Dynasty' SHERIDAN
Northeast Corridor express train ACELA
Of the flock LAIC
One of Cuba's Castros RAUL
Perrier competitor EVIAN
Places for flocks LEAS
Played the market TRADED
Prado's city MADRID
Prefix with pilot AUTO
Pull up stakes, slangily RELO
Reach a high point PEAK
React to a sour taste PUCKER
Richard Nixon's religious affiliation QUAKER
Rob of '90210' ESTES
Scullers' sport CREW
Share a border ABUT
Shirt depicting a rock star TEE
Sing like Ella SCAT
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure EVE
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure ADAM
Spiky-haired fad doll TROLL
Still-life fruit PEAR
Surgery sites, briefly ORS
Teamster's rig SEMI
Turner with eight Grammys TINA
Wetlands wader IBIS
Wind-formed hill DUNE
Word with ear or tube INNER
Yankees great Jeter DEREK
Year-end celebrations YULES