USA Today - Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
'Bro' alternative DUDE
'Nope' UHUH
Attempt at political office BID
Baker's or brewer's need YEAST
Bits of dust SPECKS
Burdens for caddies GOLFBAGS
Caffeine-laden nut KOLA
Crumble over time ERODE
Dam on the Nile ASWAN
Delivers via courier SENDS
Describe falsely BELIE
Device downloads, briefly APPS
Drawn-out LONG
Dreads sporter, perhaps RASTA
Drinks with combo meals SODAS
Elon of Tesla MUSK
Excessively thin BONY
Favors a sprained ankle, say LIMPS
Footwear with a spur, perhaps COWBOYBOOT
Gardener's tool SHEARS
Genre for many Bogart movies NOIR
Go like a rocket ZOOM
Groups in 36-Acrosses MOBS
Gumbo vessels STEWPOTS
Had a helping of ATE
Herring's cousin SHAD
Home to a grouchy Muppet GARBAGECAN
In a Solomonic manner SAGELY
Its Halloween variety has orange creme OREO
Least lenient STERNEST
Lil' Kim and Lil Wayne, for two RAPSTARS
Liposuction target FLAB
Loaf pair ENDS
Makes more rigid STIFFENS
Many an al-Jazeera viewer ARAB
MasterCard alternative, briefly AMEX
Medically induced state, perhaps COMA
Merino mother EWE
Clues Answers
Microsoft Surface competitor IPAD
Miners' finds LODES
Neatened the perimeter of EDGED
Not exactly in the vicinity AFAR
One of seven birds 'a-swimming' SWAN
One of the five senses TASTE
Oscar party goodies SWAG
Outstanding rating AONE
Part of a 'Jeopardy!' audition TEST
Place trust in, with 'on' RELY
Places for GPS bracelets ANKLES
Pompous sort ASS
Potatoes holder BURLAPSACK
Present and future, for two TENSES
Preventable event, per Smokey Bear FORESTFIRE
Refusing to listen DEAF
River bordering Hades STYX
Scentini fragrance maker AVON
Singing group on a Swedish postage stamp ABBA
Snacks in tortilla shells TACOS
Sound asleep? SNORE
Sovereign's time in power REIGN
Spongy plaything NERFBALL
T.S. who wrote of felines ELIOT
Tangerine's exterior RIND
The planets, before Pluto's downgrade NONET
Thoroughbred's father SIRE
Toll booth areas PLAZAS
Tribe with kachina dolls HOPI
Unrest in the streets RIOT
Vegan's meat substitute TOFU
Venomous, but nonaggressive, Asian snake KRAIT
Versa running shoe maker AVIA
Vowel-rich state OHIO
Ward who played a U.S. president SELA
Wed on the run ELOPE
Wind speed category GALE
___ out (submits, in the UFC) TAPS