USA Today - Dec 25 2018

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Clues Answers
'For shame!' sound TSK
'Game of Thrones' patriarch Stark NED
'I find that laughable!' HAH
'No way that's happening!' FATCHANCE
'Timber!' shouter's tool AXE
A sister of Marge Simpson SELMA
Ablution or baptism RITE
Added to the staff HIRED
Altar locale APSE
Ardent, as some collectors AVID
Attacked from hiding AMBUSHED
Attorney's abbr ESQ
Bit of URL punctuation SLASH
Box office success HIT
Bridge player, at times DECLARER
Clear a hurdle LEAP
Comics bark ARF
Dec. 25 service MASS
Document in a strongbox DEED
Dominates, in sports lingo OWNS
Donut icing flavor MAPLE
Eggy brunch order QUICHE
Eviction site of scripture EDEN
Ex of Bruce and Ashton DEMI
Far from churlish CIVIL
Food fit for a pig SLOP
Go to press with PRINT
Hirsute Addams ITT
Hit 'Reply All' instead of 'Reply,' say ERR
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Inescapable place BLACKHOLE
Invite to enter ASKIN
It's not to be exceeded LIMIT
Job-related moves, for short RELOS
Joe of 'Casino' PESCI
Lariat wielder ROPER
Laudatory verse ODE
Less desirable berth UPPER
Like 'The Three Little Pigs' baddie LUPINE
Clues Answers
Like AstroTurf, vis-a-vis grass ERSATZ
Mate-related SPOUSAL
Much more than skimpy AMPLE
National park in Maine ACADIA
Naughty's opposite, to Santa NICE
Not well thought-out RASH
One of Dorothy Gale's pair RUBYSLIPPER
One of four in 'The Star-Spangled Banner' STANZA
Patty, to 27-Down TWIN
Permit to go DISMISS
Piano student's exercise ETUDE
Princes, to kings SONS
Prohibitions on many roads UTURNS
Public spat SCENE
Reply to 'Are you?' IAM
Response to an insult, perhaps SLAP
Rip-off artist's ploy SCAM
Sacred snake of ancient Egypt ASP
Satisfies, and then some SATES
Sign after Virgo LIBRA
Smoking, to many HABIT
Some zoo pros VETS
Sprinkler of magic dust PIXIE
Stan of Marvel Comics LEE
Stands up to RESISTS
Surname on some tillers DEERE
Swim team events MEETS
Tablet featuring Siri IPAD
The Joker's expression SNEER
They're heard in heaven, it's said HARPS
Tim who voiced Buzz Lightyear ALLEN
Trip with a guide TOUR
Unit of force, in physics DYNE
Vegetable in V8 BEET
Waitperson's delivery MEAL
Water-gun brand SUPERSOAKER
Word after deep or dead END
Word in Google Maps directions VIA
___ oil (flax product) LINSEED