New York Times - Jun 5 2009

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Clues Answers
'Peter and the Wolf' duck SONIA
'___ sow't with nettle-seed': Shak. HED
1912 headline name TITANIC
30-Down thoroughly REMOVEALLTRACES
Act rudely, in a way STARE
Bad ___, Mich. (seat of Huron County) AXE
Be a willing participant? INHERIT
Billy the Kid used one for his nickname DEFINITEARTICLE
Bob Marley classic ONELOVE
Brief warning SLO
Character lineup RST
Fictional psychiatrist FRASIER
From, in some European names VON
Gang members CRONIES
Got high gradually CREPTUP
Got into a pickle? ATE
Half of a Disney duo, with 'the' BEAST
Important church MINSTER
It lets you see who's calling EYEHOLE
It may be worn on a sneaker TREAD
It may begin with an exordium ORATION
It's often pinched SALT
Jane Rochester's maiden name EYRE
Lets off EMITS
Like controversial issues DEBATED
Like many an omen EERIE
Like some monks ASCETIC
Like some profanity BLEEPED
Like Victor Hugo when he finished 'Les Misérables' INEXILE
Loving leader? EVER
Make a B instead of an A? MISTUNE
Moon marking RILL
Clues Answers
North African harbor site ORAN
Not sanguine WAN
One between two cardinals? NORTHEAST
Part of a backwoods mix-up RASSLER
Peruvian capital? PEE
Phnom Penh cash RIEL
Pole position or pool position LANEONE
Pooh-poohs DERIDES
Poorhouse bedding STRAWMATTRESSES
Post, for one AVIATOR
Proceed (from) ARISE
Psychoanalyst Fromm ERICH
Red choices CLARETS
Regarding ANENT
Regional setting for almost eight months per yr. EDT
Registered for ENTERED
Requiring more support NEEDIER
See 7-Down ERASE
Some like them hot CEREALS
Something to prove THEOREM
Street magician ___ Angel CRISS
Striking brilliance GLITTER
Subway rider during rush hour, metaphorically SARDINE
They deliver MOTHERS
They often mean 'I see' AHS
What an unrequited lover carries TORCH
Works in the Uffizi ARTE
Year in Nero's reign LVI
___ Reiss Merin, babysitter player in 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' EDA