New York Times - Nov 7 2018

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Clues Answers
'Boo-___!' HOO
'Caught you!' BUSTED
'For sure!' YESYES
'Regrettably, it's true' AFRAIDSO
'Such a shame!' ALAS
'The Cask of Amontillado' writer POE
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'U can't b serious!' OMG
'What'd I say?!' TOLDYA
*Baseball throw that might thwart a squeeze play PITCHOUT
*Bettors' aids TIPSHEETS
*Fight imaginary enemies TILTATWINDMILLS
*Seek surreptitiously ANGLEFOR
1960s muscle car GTO
Airheaded DITSY
All the rage HOT
Ashen WAN
Author Kingsley AMIS
Bachelorette party attendee GALPAL
Bit of training accompanying 'Sit!' and 'Speak!' STAY
Britain, Spain or France, once EMPIRE
Burn with water SCALD
Captain Ahab, e.g WHALER
Clearance item holder BIN
Coleridge's 'The ___ Harp' EOLIAN
Comic strip opossum POGO
Commoners' superiors ROYALS
Declaration made while anteing up IMIN
Deep desire YEN
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Dustup SPAT
Exaggerated accounts YARNS
Eye hungrily OGLE
Faculty heads DEANS
Film director ___ von Trier LARS
Fit to be canonized HOLY
Former colony that's a gambling mecca MACAO
Get wasted TIEONEON
Gin rummy combo MELD
Clues Answers
Got ready to run? EDITED
Grassy expanse LEA
Halfway decent NOTBAD
Hard effort, metaphorically SWEAT
Home to this puzzle's featured structure, as hinted at by the starts of the answers to the starred clues PISAITALY
Improvise, with 'it' WING
Indian flatbread NAN
Intestines' locale MIDGUT
Joined with a torch WELDED
Maker of Team USA swimsuits SPEEDO
Meaning of 'Simba' in Swahili LION
Mormon's donation TITHE
Nada NIL
New York's Katz's, for one DELI
Nonprofit grp. that works with the Defense Department USO
Not be colorfast BLEED
Occasion to dress up GALA
Raison d'___ ETRE
Rapidly increase in size SNOWBALL
Shire of 'Rocky' TALIA
Shrub used to make tea CAMELLIA
So-called 'fifth taste' UMAMI
Source of medieval Norse poetry EDDA
Stack (up) PILE
Stylish, '60s-style MOD
Supermodel and actress Kate UPTON
Surfing aid WIFI
Throw out TOSS
Total bargain STEAL
Tribute that may be urned? ODE
Tricky bowling situation SPLIT
Under the weather ILL
Verve ELAN
Wide-mouthed jug EWER
Woman's name that's an anagram of a European native EDNA
___ of Good Feelings ERA
___ reason WITHIN
___ Romeo ALFA