The Washington Post - Nov 6 2018

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Clues Answers
'In that case ... ' IFSO
'Laughing' scavenger HYENA
'Money __ everything' ISNT
'What a kidder!' OHYOU
'XING' one PED
'__ Buddies': '80s sitcom BOSOM
'__ to suggestions' IMOPEN
Ahnold's political nickname GOVERNATOR
Antiprohibitionists WETS
Apple CEO Cook TIM
Arizona resort SEDONA
Asian noodle soup PHO
Benign cyst WEN
Big Apple paper, for short NYT
Blossom buzzer BEE
California's Big __ SUR
Camp bed BUNK
Captures NABS
Chinese dumpling WONTON
Crave, with 'over' DROOL
Cries of worry OYS
Dadaism pioneer ERNST
Decays ROTS
Deli subs HEROS
Discovery cries AHAS
Employing USING
Faux __: social goof PAS
Fork points TINES
Frank McCourt memoir ANGELASASHES
From days past OLDEN
Game with Wild Draw Four cards UNO
Genetic messenger RNA
Gillian Flynn novel GONEGIRL
God, in Judaism YAHWEH
Great Lakes natives ERIES
Greek storyteller AESOP
Have good intentions MEANWELL
High-end German camera LEICA
Clues Answers
Hindu guru SWAMI
Hold the deed to OWN
J.M. Barrie play PETERPAN
Jacque's 'thirty' TRENTE
Joe of 'Casino' PESCI
Lavender is similar to it PURPLE
Many, many years EON
Mar. parade honoree STPAT
Mining hauls ORES
Nine-digit ID SSN
Of an arm bone ULNAR
Playing an extra NBA period INOT
Portmanteau for a collection containing 17-, 24-, 38- and 50-Across? ALLITERATURE
Postcard view of a city SKYLINE
Rapper __ Fiasco LUPE
Response to bad service NOTIP
Salacious LEWD
Sandy slope DUNE
School orgs PTAS
Second-string squad BTEAM
Shakespeare comedy LOVESLABOURSLOST
Sharp turns ZIGS
Silver lining UPSIDE
Skateboard leap OLLIE
Smartphone predecessor, for short PDA
Starr knighted in 2018 RINGO
Sticky stuff GOO
Temporary retail space POPUPSTORE
Thanksgiving gravy ingredient GIBLET
Toondom's Olive OYL
Ultimatum words ORELSE
What discreet acts are done on, with 'the' DOWNLOW
Wild party ORGY
Wizards' castings SPELLS
Words on a check PAYTO
Z, in a pilot's alphabet ZULU
__ up on: unites against GANGS