USA Today - Dec 23 2018

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Clues Answers
'Blondie' tyke ELMO
'Censored' sound BLEEP
'Scram!' BEATIT
'Scram!' LEAVE
All-in-one Apple computer IMAC
Any of the noble elements GAS
Area enclosed by four city streets SQUAREBLOCK
Awful-smelling RANK
Baseball bat maker's tool LATHE
Black Panther's hairdo AFRO
Bothered to no end ATEAT
Bring to ruin UNDO
Calf-length dress MIDI
Calls from a cote COOS
Cause of woe BANE
Combat-related trauma SHELLSHOCK
David Bowie's widow IMAN
David's stone launcher SLING
Defeated by one run, say EDGED
Dry cleaner's challenge SPOT
Fare in troughs SLOP
Felt sore ACHED
Fine silverware STERLING
Golda of Israel MEIR
Grin from ear to ear BEAM
Gulf War missile SCUD
Have a bug AIL
Headed for overtime TIED
Homeric works EPICS
Icicle's locale EAVE
Idaho product, informally SPUD
In high esteem VALUED
In the proverbial cellar LAST
Ingredient in chips and chowders CORN
Instrument struck with a mallet GONG
Intertwines, as leather strips ENLACES
Jump shot's path ARC
Kitchen extruders RICERS
Clues Answers
Knock on the noggin BONK
Laser printer need TONER
Like most Turks ASIAN
Lionel Hampton's instrument VIBES
Makeshift backyard swing TIRE
Means of childproofing a cabinet SAFETYLOCK
Michigan town or its college ALMA
Mounts, as a jewel SETS
Music festival lineup, for short SKED
Namesake of ESPN's Courage Award ASHE
News tidbits ITEMS
Oodles ALOT
Over-___ (sports wager) UNDER
Oxy target ACNE
Palm with purple berries ACAI
Part of a park bench SLAT
Pasta similar to rigatoni PENNE
Photograph on metal TINTYPE
Place for a flock LEA
Polly, to Tom Sawyer AUNT
River to the Rhone SAONE
Rock guitarist Nugent TED
Rorschach test images INKBLOTS
Roulette turns SPINS
Rulers of a sci-fi movie planet APES
Run together, in music SLUR
Rutabaga or turnip ROOT
Sausage unit LINK
Saves for later STORESUP
Shakespearean prince HAL
Snobbish sorts ELITISTS
Some theater productions SUMMERSTOCK
Sources of some pressure PEERS
Tiki bar cocktail MAITAI
Took the initiative LED
Valuable vein LODE
Where It.'s at EUR
Witty line QUIP
___ Club (Costco competitor) SAMS